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How earn his wealth?

By: Evangeline Selden | Oct 5 2011 | 412 words | 373 hits

This is a man only 35 years old this year. He lives and works in Beijing, there is now. He married a local girl in Beijing, who works at the hospital. He and his wife have a baby, but now has a plan for the last two years. He graduated from the Central University of Finance and Economics in China, and took his degree. He gratulated from Guanghua Management College of Peking University and took his degree. Now, because of the change of their work, came to our church in August, and the bank is two years with one in the province of Hebei.

But what I say is not their family environment and quality of education, I am struck by its richness in Beijing at an early age. Compared with most "clusters floating in Beijing", impressive richness, but you can not compare with the big boss and other businesses. There are three apartments in Beijing, we are more than 100 others are more than 130, the largest has more than 150 square meters. According to the current market price of housing in Beijing, houses at least beyond more 10,000 to 15,000 thousand yuan. Perhaps this number is not very big in Beijing, but at her age, I think it must be rich. Why can have a lot of Beijing? How do you win the wealth on earth? According to its introduction, it is good at organizing and managing wealth, including home ownership.

Fun to be witnessed by his words. He lives in his little house, rather than the greatest. We rent the other two houses of collecting more than about 100-150 thousand yuan a year. He has never deposited the money in the bank, even if the real work of our bank. He would have preferred to invest in bank loans to pay off the house loan, instead of when he has money. It was his idea of ??managing these funds have earned in his present wealth. I am amazed at his courage, even if I never save my money too. Always very popular to say: Money Never sleep.So not let your money sleep is what you have, give a fixed number of active mobile number alive, make a small number of large volumes gradually from year to year, then maybe you can be a rich man one day. Always great importance to the capital the effect of compound interest, can bring you a windfall profit.

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    earn his wealth?