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The Art Of Gift Giving

By: Sue Jan | Jul 1 2006 | 441 words | 297 hits

Appearing empty-handed at a party or special occasion can be an impolite and awkward thing to do, so be sure to prepare an appropriate gift. Gift giving can be either a planned or a spontaneous act, and each gift bears a unique significance, a symbolic expression of regard and care for the person receiving the gift, ultimately filling both the giver and the recipient with great joy. A great gift idea definitely makes the occasion and the act of giving more meaningful and exciting.

Gift ideas depend on the occasion, your intentions and nature of your relationship with the recipient, and also on the recipient's age, lifestyle, interests and cultural background. Whether you are planning a corporate gift or a wedding gift, you should always give some thought to appropriate and meaningful gift ideas, depending on whom you want to give the gift to and for what occasion. Your lifestyle, financial condition and your very own interests and personality can dictate these gift ideas. It will be easier to shop for the gift once you have brainstormed and hit upon some good gift ideas.

Funny gift ideas are always a hit and are bound to bring a smile to the face. Funny gift ideas are especially popular amongst children and young friends who always enjoy a good laugh. A quick online search can come up with several funny gift ideas for children such as funny books (jungle books, comics etc.), funny movies (Ice Age, Finding Nemo, Shrek etc), funny games, funny clothing (such as comical one-liners on shirts for babies, children and teenagers) etc.

In today's business world, gifts have become fashionable and commonplace. Corporate gifts are a great way to maintain existing client relationships and to welcome new business clients. Corporate gifts are also a great incentive for increasing sales and motivating employees. By giving corporate gifts you can generate publicity for your company plus tremendous good will among clients or employees and their respective families. Corporate gifts are the company's way of telling its employees that their service and performance are appreciated, and employees in turn feel appreciated by the company and feel that the company cares for their needs.

Some common corporate gifts may include clothing, reward trophies, branded gadgets company holidays etc. for employees. Many corporate gifts come as branded gifts with company logos on them.

Wedding gifts help to convey your best wishes to the newlyweds. In some countries it has become quite popular for couples to set up a wedding registry for wedding gifts at their favorite store where they create a list of household items that they need or prefer, such as china or silverware, crystal, pots and pans etc.

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