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ENTERTAINMENT FASHION Farhan And Ambreen - The Trend Setters Are Here

Farhan And Ambreen - The Trend Setters Are Here

By: fashionlabel24 | Nov 21 2012 | 348 words | 771 hits

People know these designers as the "trend setters". Yes the guess is right! Farhan and Ambreen have always managed to get the latest fashion trend in to the market. Every collection of these designers showcases the latest of the trends of fashion industry. These designers have had the experiences converted into their success mantra. Both the designers worked for greater than 10 years with the retail stores and gained the required experience. After working for more than 10 years these designers launched a label of their own named Farhan and Ambreen.

These Fashion Designers always manage to grab all the new essence of the fashion market. There is always something new to look forward to on the collection of these designers. The designers follow different themes in their fashion collection. The fashion collection of these designers includes casual wear inspired from the east, party wear and bridal clothing too.

These designers have the perfect collection for the people who are in a chance to always grab a different look with a different collection. These Fashion Designers make the perfect western cuts with the eastern petite and make the right combination of the fashion clothes. These designers always experiment the different fusions of the different themes. Mixing and matching of the different cultures in designs and fashion requires a careful indulgence of talent and fashion sense which is found perfectly in these designers.

If you are looking for the perfect new look and do not have any idea for where to hit on then these designers are your right destination. Innovation and creation is the key success mantra of these designers. These attributes of innovation and creation can be felt at every collection that these designers showcase. Making the most out of their experience, the designers have managed well to rule the market with their delicacies. So hurry now. If you want to be one of those lucky people to grab attention in the crowd with a perfectly designed new look and curvy beautiful dress to wear then browse on these collections now right away. You can get lucky too! So hurry.


About author:
Label24 is a Dubai based fashion shop. The collection at the store comprises of 24 different Fashion Clothes of famous Fashion Designers such as Ravi Bajaj,Neeta Lulla, Farhan and Ambreen, Satya Paul,and many more from across the Globe.
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