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ENTERTAINMENT FASHION Shopping Pointers For Finding The Best Women's Bathobes

Shopping Pointers For Finding The Best Women's Bathobes

By: 3gwebmaster | Nov 7 2012 | 486 words | 456 hits

When one is searching for the perfect women's bathrobe, one must be certain how she uses her bathrobe. Of course she wears it when around the house, before bed, when getting up in the morning, before or after a shower or bath, possibly while applying makeup or doing her hair.

But you need to expend a little effort to make certain you get the bathrobe that will be one of her favorite things, instead of the thing that hangs on the hook on the back of the bathroom door and never gets used. The world is littered with gifts that fulfilled the obligation, but were not used and were never returned so as not to hurt someone's feelings. We have all made Oscar nominee worthy portrayals of happiness when we have received gifts that we knew immediately would not get used. Better to just fake it, and move on.

So if she prefers a housecoat, this is different than a bathrobe, as the former is worn over pajamas, the latter is usually worn on bare skin, but can be worn over clothes also. So to find the best bathrobes for women, forget about the department stores, they stock up only in the runup to Christmas and even then they manage to carry the same old things, and charge a premium because it has a polo pony embroidered on it. They offer the most conservative styles so that they do not have leftover inventory that they have to mark down on the clearance tables in January. The buyer for these chain stores is typically a recent graduate from ‘fashion merchandising' school, who is given the lowest job in the department, ‘accessories' and they are given the mandate to buy the same as last year, bland robes that pander to the lowest common denominator, nothing exceptional, certainly nothing above $100 price point. Mediocrity for the masses is their mantra.

Hotels offer the same robes that they put in their rooms, usually white terry or waffle weave, with no design distinction, and are industrially washed nightly until they are replaced after 3 months. These may have the hotel logo on the breast, and the hotels are happy that you volunteer to be a walking billboard for their brand, constantly reminding you of your stay there, which frankly is good marketing, but you can do better!

To have your ‘Eureka' moment, go online and type in a keyword like ‘women's luxury bathrobes' and see the online retailers that offer large collections, in great colors, in organic Turkish cotton. Live a little, get a robe for her that has some cachet! If she is a pink and frilly type, or a straight ahead plush terry type, you will find the perfect bathrobe, and it comes directly to your door, no searching for parking spots at the mall. But make the effort to find something better than the Amazon terry bathrobe for $50, free shipping included!


About author:
The Tisseronbathrobes Bath Design e-boutique is a one-stop destination for all kind of designer bath robes. We offer a broad range of luxurious womens bathrobes, European style unisex designer luxury bathrobes, Mens Bathrobes and Luxury robes, in 100% organic Turkish cotton.
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