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ENTERTAINMENT FASHION Trendy Dressing for the Fuller Figure

Trendy Dressing for the Fuller Figure

By: Allyssa | Jan 4 2013 | 565 words | 1880 hits

There are some undisputable facts when it comes to the fashion industry - designers always cut to the same sizes. One designer's cut of a size 18 can be very different to another and so what fits in one label may not in another. When clothes shopping this can be very disheartening and so it is a good idea to get an idea of the basic size differences when it comes to plus size designer Australia clothes. Remember that size is a made up concept - it's more like a guideline than an absolute.

Another fact is that the "rules" when it comes to dressing change and alter over time. You used to have to match your shoes to your hemline - these rules are now out of the window. Similarly, rules about what clothes will and will not look good are likely to change when the plus size designer Australia does and so should be also viewed as guidelines.

One rule that is fact is that you need to avoid clothes that do not fit you properly. Clothes should not make you look like you're the Michelin man and should also not look so tight that they are sprayed on. Any plus size designer Australia worth their salt will tell you that wearing the wrong size is the worst kind of fashion mistake to make.

Another thing that a plus size designer Australia would tell you is to choose your fabric very carefully when it comes to pattern and type. Fabric that clings accentuates every and every small lump and bump and cloth that are to stiff makes you look harder and possibly bigger. The ideal fabric will drape well and will snugly accentuate your curves. Patterns that are tiny should be avoided - they look out of proportion on bigger women.

A structured jacket is the one essential item that a plus size designer clothes is always going to recommend. You may need to try on a number of different options in order to see what looks best on you. The perfect jacket will look fantastic on and will be obvious when you see it. For larger ladies, double breasted jackets are out and a simple V-Neck with a narrower lapel is best
The ideal skirt is going to be an A-line one. The shape created in this manner is very slimming and, if coupled with a jacket, makes for a great hourglass shape. You should avoid tapered trousers and they should properly fit the widest part of your leg. At this point, straight up and down is best when it comes to trousers.
What you put underneath the jacket is also very important. A very pretty lace camisole can be used to add a touch of femininity without adding more bulk. Look for more shirts and tops with a V-neck style. It is here that you can add a dash of colour to brighten up your outfit. Be careful of the fabric's print though - according to the best plus size designer Australia, horizontal stripes are most definitely out.

Most important is the cut and style of the garment and this takes precedence over the color and print. First get this right and then move on from there.
More important than colour and pattern is the shape of the garment and how it is cut. You need to make sure that you get this right before worrying about anything else.

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