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ENTERTAINMENT FASHION Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Elderly Married Couples

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Elderly Married Couples

By: Valentine | Mar 26 2012 | 429 words | 194 hits

Valentine's day is a day dedicated for lovers who want to celebrate the love that they feel for their partners. When we think of this day the image that comes to our mind are young and vibrant youngsters exchanging valentine' day gifts, flowers and cards. However, never the image of an old married couple celebrating Valentine's Day crosses our mind. This is because elderly couples are never considered to have a liking for this day. However, Contrary to popular belief, many elderly couples do enjoy celebrating this day but due to certain limitations are unable to celebrate it the way they want to. In fact, compared to others, elderly couples truly deserve this occasion, as they are the ones who have experienced true love. This day gives them an opportunity to thank the companion who loves and takes care of them in the autumnal stages of their lives.

Shopping is a big no no for the elderly married couple for three reasons. Firstly, there would be mad rush in stores which makes shopping more annoying. Secondly, the Valentines gifts found in shops and stores are more for the youth and less for the elderly. Thirdly, gifting items would be sheer waste of money since their house is already stashed with items amassed all these years. Hence, elderly couples need to think out of the box in order to please their spouse. The following are some unique valentines day gift ideas for them.

Create a Scrapbook
Create a scrapbook with photos of the beautiful moments that you have spent together. Include anecdotes, poems, and letters so that your spouse can take a trip down the memory lane.

Make an Album
Include some hilariously awkward photos of yours so that your spouse has a reason to laugh this valentine' day. Spice it up with witty and funny tag lines. This online valentine gifts would definitely be cherished for years to come.

Take a trip down the memory lane by going together to those places, which has significant importance to your lives. Relive those beautiful moments when you discovered that you were made for each other.

Candlelit Dinner
Arrange a candlelit dinner either at home or at one of your favorite restaurants. If planning at home you can either order food from outside or you can prepare some of the favorite dishes of your spouse. If it is possible, prepare a five-course meal complete with entree and side dish. Otherwise, settle for a three-course meal with a salad, main course and dessert.

Try any of these and make the day extra special for your spouse.



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