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ENTERTAINMENT HIKING Get Set For That Hiking Vacation

Get Set For That Hiking Vacation

By: Eve Sands | Jul 19 2006 | 502 words | 263 hits

When it comes to adventure, fun and holidays, people usually get excited about hiking, trekking and similar activities. Hiking vacations will give you a break from your regular mundane schedules. Hiking is a perfect stress-buster activity, and the options of adventurous to serene settings are more than enough to refresh you.

It is important to plan ahead and decide on a schedule for your hiking vacation before you embark on one. Seasonal aspects play a vital role in choosing your hiking trip. Different regions have different weather conditions, and desirable destinations may be closed or otherwise not desirable at certain times of year. So check if the destination that you have chosen has suitable conditions for hiking and what specific hiking gear and supplies are appropriate. You'll also want to note the most popular times for your hiking destination in order to ensure reservations well ahead of time.

Hiking vacations and trekking are not recommended as impromptu adventures. If you wait until the last minute then you are likely to have mishaps during your hiking vacation due to poor preparation. If it is a family hiking trip then it is even more important to ensure all hikers are properly outfitted, accommodations, gear, provisions and proper clothing such as hiking boots are appropriate for all. For a hiking vacation, you can't pack the same way you pack for general vacations. Proper hiking equipment, basic first aid and maps/GPS is a must. The most common equipment needed for your hiking vacation is hiking boots or good hiking shoes, a backpack and camping gear.

You can select your hiking boots from:

ï‚ Day hiking (light-weight boots)
ï‚ Backpacking/hiking (mid-weight boots), and
ï‚ Extended backpacking (mountaineering boots)

Waterproofing of boots is preferable during a trekking trip where there are ongoing possibilities of water exposure. There are hiking gear and trekking equipment packages available in the market in which you will not miss any of them. Remember that all hiking trails are not created equal, so ensure that hiking routes and trails are appropriate for the hiking experience and fitness of the hikers. Make sure that appropriate foods and water are supplied while hiking. Maps are an important element used in hiking trips that many people over-look. Maps or GPS devices offer a directional guideline for your trip that will provide a degree of safety and security.

A few backpacking tips will make your trip safe yet adventurous. Keep lighter weight items at the bottom and the heavier ones at the top during backpacking. It is a method to balance your centre of gravity. You can adjust the weight according to height and inclination. Keep a checklist of the items that you pack. Small flashlight, compass and earplugs should be included with other equipments. Buy a good quality backpack that should be able to endure heavy weights and general wear and tear. Ballistic nylon backpacks that have padded and adjustable hip belts are better. The other items will include fuel and cooking utensils for over-night hikes and other personal items (filter, sunscreen, mosquito repellent and camera).

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