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ENTERTAINMENT HIKING Gregory Backpacks - 2 Great Suspension Systems

Gregory Backpacks - 2 Great Suspension Systems

By: Matter Horn | Jan 30 2011 | 337 words | 434 hits

If you are looking to buy a new Gregory backpack and are being put off by all the technology surrounding it, don't fret. This article looks at Gregory's Custom Fit and Auto Fit Suspension technology and how they maximise your backpacking experience.

If you generally carry mid-weight loads on three to seven day-long trips, you generally need a mid-sized pack like the Triconi 60 or if you are a lady, the Deva 70. Such packs come with Auto Fit Suspension simply because it is the best suspension design for bags of this size range and this purpose.

CFS is used in Gregory's large backpacking packs that will carry the heaviest loads such as the men's Whitney 95 and Palisade 80 or women's Deva 85.

In both of these suspension types, the shoulder harness features Gregory's Auto-Cant technology which allows the angle of the straps to rotate against the frame of the backpack. In other words, the shoulder straps are not fixed in their position. If you raise your arms for example, the straps will rotate outwards instead of digging into your shoulders.

In CFS, the waistbelt can be manually adjusted to 5 hip angles to provide better load transfer with heavier weights. The waistbelt in the AFS on the other hand automatically adjusts to your hip angle to comfortably carry mid-weight loads.

The backpack frame is also different between CFS and AFS. CFS is made up of two vertical stays and one hollow anti-barreling cross-stay. This gives CFS packs incredible load bearing capacity without losing shape. AFS is made up of one vertical stay and an upper load-lifting panel providing this frame design with effective weight transfer of upto 50lbs.

So really, you don't need to worry about the technology. Sure you can look into the details, but what really matters is how you are going to use your backpack. Once you have chosen the backpack that suits your needs in terms of size and load-bearing capacity, by default you get the best technology available for it.

Don't sweat it. Get a Gregory backpack.

About author:
Matter Horn is an IT Manager who doesn't get to hit the trail as much as he would like to anymore. He has backpacked around Europe, North Africa and Central Asia. To read more about backpack design, visit his Gregory Backpacks blog
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