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ENTERTAINMENT HIKING What Are the Features of Wacoal

What Are the Features of Wacoal

By: Dior taschen | Sep 1 2011 | 424 words | 209 hits

I believe that a lot of women must be very familiar with Wacoal. It is a famous Japanese underwear brand. The products of Wacoal are getting popular all over the world. Therefore, you must be glad to know more about Wacoal.

Wacoal is the first company that makes underwears for women in Japan. Its success partly is attributed to the idea included its slogan. Namely "be beautiful, beautiful and more beautiful." This company was founded after the second World War and its ambitious plan for the coming fifty years have already resulted in a big success. The products of the company are exhibited on the shelves of first-class department store all over the world.

The marketing idea of Wacoal is simple and bright: every bra made by Wacoal has to occupy three elements. The first is "the grace of France", the second is "the fashion in America" and the last is"the technology of Japan" .and the price is set between 20 dollars to 40 dollars uniformly. In 1992, Donna Karan, the world famous designer gave a suggestion to Wacoal:"I would like to develop my skill further and to me Wacoal is the best choice for it is an authority in the field of underwears". The participation of Donna Karan made Wacoal a famous brand of underwears in the world. Under the leadership of YoshikataTsukamoto who is the son of the founder, Wacoal is coming out new kinds of underwears all the time and bring surprise to women.

All the achievements show people how Wacoal tries to keep its promise made in the slogan. Moreover women are becoming more and more confident with the products of Wacoal while Wacoal also wins the heart of more and more consumers with its fine products.

The cloth materials of Wacoal are from some famous companies in Japan which make cloth materials exclusively and some companies in foreign countries like DOGI in Spain. More than half of the materials are from Japan so that Wacoal can save a lot from the transportation fee. However there are also a lot of products that are made of the cloth material from other countries. Lycra, Tactel and so on are the famous materials made by Dupont in America and these materials are widely used in the underwears of Wacoal as well. The materials from celebrated companies ensure the fine quality of the products of Wacoal. What's more, all the cloth materials have to be tested before being used and only those that have passed the strict test in Wacoal can be used in making Wacoal underwears.

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