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ENTERTAINMENT HUMANITIES Several Ponders on Cabinet Industry from Looking Back and Forwards to 2014

Several Ponders on Cabinet Industry from Looking Back and Forwards to 2014

By: globalbm | Feb 18 2014 | 412 words | 2129 hits

Cabinet industry has always been changing after years of development. In 2013, cabinet industry has gone through the era of original design, E-commence model and custom-made and so on. In the next year, what the cabinet manufacturers will face in business idea and operation pattern?

Experiential marketing strategy

Traditional sales model of cabinet is now starting to turn to experiential marketing strategy. For nearly two years, the original bulk sales of online business have been hit by online household suppliers, which lead to the result that this sales model can no longer meet the present demands of discerning consumers. Many cabinet manufacturers have to upgrade their shop front system to gives consumers a better experiential marketing experience.


Recently, a number of festivals in China have launched e-commerce platform as great days. Compared with traditional stores, same operators, same product, same price, and same service online selling models have arisen a huge response. The same four principles dedicated to build the first high-end cabinets e-commerce platform.

Every product has to be perfect

In recent years, overall sales of cabinet industry have slow steady grew due to homogenization and other serious issues such as the environmental issues. In this trend, many cabinet suppliers start to look for their own way to focus on product innovation. For some cabinet suppliers who adhere to traditional style, they cannot make a series of changes in cabinet innovation. And the innovation of cabinet products becomes the only way to pursue reformation.

Pay attention to overall effect of style and performance of the cabinet products

More and more consumers are laying emphasis on the overall effect of style and performance of the cabinet products or other building materials building materials. The current development trend of cabinet industry will go to the disparity. The one is a pure customized service for high-end cabinet products. The other one is represented by standardized service of the finished decoration. These two services can ascertain not only the quick service for consumers at the same time but also can guarantee low operating costs.

Personalized service help the cabinet suppliers out

In pursuit of personalized cabinet style today, cabinet products should be highlighted the exclusive sense of consumers, in order to create exclusive personal space in the kitchen and help reduce stress and relax. That is the reason why personalized service can receive popularity between consumers. Many kitchen cabinet suppliers have adapted to the growing demand of consumers to provide high-end consumers with a more considerate and more precise personalized service of cabinet products.

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