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ENTERTAINMENT JEWELRY Prabodh Mehta Belgium Intro About Diamond Market in Antwerp

Prabodh Mehta Belgium Intro About Diamond Market in Antwerp

By: Prabodh Mehta Gembel | Nov 8 2013 | 513 words | 1145 hits

The Stock Exchange of diamonds always in the hands of the Jews is now also handled by the Indians who are contending for the supremacy of the Jews, thanks to strong buying from India, strong economic expansion. One of the major gem companies in Antwerp owned by Prabodh Mehta named Gembel European Sales has played a vital role in enhancing the gem market in Belgium. Today; 525 Indian families are living in Antwerp contributing while making a hub of diamond over there. This community from Indian side has grown rapidly and has achieved a prestigious position in the diamond market of Antwerp in Belgium. Besides these, Prabodh Mehta in Belgium has also added in his statement that over a thousand people come from India every month to buy or sell diamonds in the city of Antwerp.

The Stock Exchange of rough diamonds, the diamonds that is still to be cut, is located in the Antwerp Diamond Ring. Here, too, the word "Mazal" (good luck in Hebrew) is the formula that with the handshake establishes the agreement of sale. They use it all the diamond merchants of any region. The diamond market is a stock exchange based primarily, if not exclusively, on trust.

Antwerp, the Belgian city, with its largest market of diamonds with 2,500 registered dealers and a large induced shear center, security services, shipping and processing, is the main plaza of the World Trade diamonds.

While interviewing with Prabodh Kirtilal Mehta; he also depicts some rare picture of diamond market in Belgium. The market for diamonds deals an area of 2.5 square kilometers, two-way closed to traffic and monitored by cameras, police and vigilantes private. Here; the passage of 75% of world production of rough diamonds and about 60% of those products. A global market of $ 22 billion per year (according to data from Boston Consulting), which represents 6.5% of the GDP of Belgium.

Ad per the Prabodh Mehta; if you want to participate in the market for diamonds ? Then you need to read the over changing market of diamond that goes on fluctuating on long run. To become one of the operators of record at the Antwerp bourse is to follow a long rigmarole, presenting a mass of documents, to be introduced by three other partners, be subjected to strict scrutiny by a committee composed of two members and finally the application may still be rejected without giving reasons. Disputes between members are resolved by an internal committee with two sets of proceedings.

What is decided, the final decision is accepted and echoed by the Belgian court. Registered operators who break the rules are expelled from the secular market globally. Who does not pay or pay late may be suspended from the right of access to the market in which it is registered and the notice of the penalty with relative photos will appear on a blackboard similar Antwerp as in Tel Aviv or New York. The penalties more severe, such as the replacement of a diamond with a less valuable, are not motivated by the time that the news in this market run.

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