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ENTERTAINMENT JEWELRY Prabodh Mehta Diamond Group With New Trends Of Jewelry

Prabodh Mehta Diamond Group With New Trends Of Jewelry

By: Prabodh Mehta Gembel | Nov 8 2013 | 505 words | 1090 hits

Diamonds are always treated as valuable substances remained as heirloom for the life time. Here Prabodh Mehta diamond group brings the latest trends of jewelry that every women keen to explore with fashionable mode. To bring the personality under focus and remain as stand out of rest of the crowd it is necessary to get connected with sensational diamonds trends. As we all know Antwerp, Belgium is one of the biggest markets for different diamonds that drive the whole world with amazing and sparkling trends of diamonds. In order to synchronize with the emerging needs of the fashionable world here Prabodh Mehta Gembel European Sales brings you with latest collection of diamonds and precious stones.

As a time moves on with sloping mode; the various segments of economy including fashion keeps on varying at a drastic manner. Earlier the level of technology and innovation were not too high to create such type of amazing diamond designs. But today, in market you will find diamonds with different amusing colors that are enough to make one perfect with personality. These beautiful and charming diamonds are easy to find their market in order to make the world full of glittering. As compare to past decade, as per diamond merchants including prabodh Mehta Belgium the demand will raise by 35 % by 2015.

Whether it is precious stones, yellow diamonds, or steel with diamonds, ring with a large ruby, pendant necklaces, Gembel European Sales have discovered with complete creative and innovative trends different jewelry items. As a result Prabodh Mehta Gembel Antwerp has become a core part of branding and popularization of all diamond events and auspicious jewelry occasions that are being hosted by different countries in across the world. Today; you will find Prabodh Mehta diamond group as one of the authentic and credible tag of diamond industry.

Prabodh Mehta joined his father business of Late Shri Kirtilal Mehta in Belgium. In his early age of 17 he managed to gain the complete knowledge of gem and diamond about refining, polishing and many more from his father. Since from their childhood; Prabodh Mehta had keen interest in diamond and precious stones that twirled as best for their career. Today, Prabodh Kirtilal Mehta played a vital role for varied gem companies including as founder of Gembel European Sales Belgium, member of Board of Director for Pace Gems and for Kay Diamonds as well. In his whole corporate journey he methodically discovered numerous forms of diamonds with attractive designs and alluring colors.

If we talk about awards and accreditations; Prabodh Mehta has got several awards including Officer in de Kroonorde from the King of Belgium in 2004 and Officer de Leopold II from the King of Belgium in 1993. Besides these; apart from his diamond world; he also well known for true philanthropists where he successfully reflects his father vision of opening an affordable medication system in the form of Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai. In his complete tenure of corporate experience Prabodh Mehta has come over with his roles and responsibilities with best efforts.

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Get more information about prabodh mehta diamond group where they deserve to get awarded by several authorities and lots more about prabodh mehta belgium in respect of latest collection of diamonds and precious stones that brought you by prabodh mehta.
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