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ENTERTAINMENT MARTIAL-ARTS 3 Street Fighting Principles to Make it Work

3 Street Fighting Principles to Make it Work

By: A Espiritu | May 25 2010 | 432 words | 1305 hits

Street fighting moves that really work. Basic ideas are to use outlawed MMA (mixed martial arts moves), end the fight as soon as possible, and it has to work on multiple armed attackers. None of us ever want to use this on a real live human being, but we have to when our lives are on the line.This article will go over theses basic ideas to help you learn self defense. It is always your choice to be the victim or fight back.

When your life is on the line anything goes! MMA or mixed martial arts have been around for decades, but recently have exploded onto sports, TV, and movies. This is as real as you can get while still being safe competition and it's an amazing sport. Sadly, it is just a sport and not everything goes. MMA has rules, but the street does not. Your attacker will use every dirty trick they can to destroy you. There might be a surprise attack, multiple attackers, and weapons. You have use everything you can to end the attack as soon as possible.

Why end the attack as soon as possible? Of course we don't want to be in this longer than we have to, but there are other things to consider. What if this person has back up as in another attacker or a hidden weapon? Don't find out just end the fight, call the cops (your choice, but recommended). Now ask yourself if you are ready to do this if your life or the life of someone you love is on the line? Choose your self defense course carefully and ask if they teach street fighting like this.

On to armed multiple attackers and some special issues with them. Does your martial arts system deal with them on a regular basis? Do they teach you to use their numbers against them? Yes with anything goes you can throw one person into another or use them as a human shield to escape. In some classes they have attackers attack one by one, but that never happens in a real street fight. They attack as a mass all at once. You have to learn to deal with this type of attack and add in if anyone has weapons.

Again learning street fighting to survive an attack is not a nice thing, but it has to be done if its life and death. Using outlawed MMA moves, ending the fight quickly, and being prepared for armed multiple attackers is just the start. Keep training for self defense with this in mind and find the truth about self defense.

About author:
Just 3 things about street fighting as self defense to end an attack. Discover more on Learning Street Fighting for Self Defense. Go here: http://learnstreetfighting.net/
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