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All About Mixed Martial Arts

By: JohnMathew | Sep 25 2008 | 489 words | 1398 hits

Boxing has many forms like one among its forms is the mixed martial arts. Mixed martial arts is an exciting sport which is also known as no holds barred fighting is an exciting sport that uses its techniques from different martial arts, Greco Roman wrestling, boxing and Brazilian Jiu - Jitsu. The history of martial arts dates back to the late 1800s, the person who made the movements of mixed martial arts popular was Bruce Lee; he was the one who made the movements popular by properly developing a unique and innovative fighting style that constituted all the movements taken from western boxing to karate to fencing. However the sport did not become an official sport and did not gain much popularity until the very famous Ultimate Fighting Championship took place in the United States of America in the year 1992. Another interesting fact is that Pankration which is a form of martial arts had its origination in Greece. It has been practiced in Greece as far as 648 B.C is now under the consideration that it is going to be an Olympic sport.

In mixed martial arts there are very few rules which have been established over the last ten years. Initially martial arts were a brutal sport in which there was always a continuous risk of the health of fighters. The new rules have made the risk factor of the health of the fighters has declined, many rules like the head butts, biting, eye gauging, attacks in the groin area, kidneys and the trachea have all been prohibited to ensure the safety of the workers. Since there is no worldwide association existing for formulating a generalized rules for the mixed martial arts, the rules for playing the mixed martial arts varies from country to country. In concern to ensure the safety of the health of the workers, amateur fights have stricter rules which are to be adhered to. There are typically three stages in a mixed martial arts fight. The stages are as follows stand up fighting,clinch fighting and the last stage is that of the ground fighting. Stand upfighting includes the different techniques like kicking, punching, kneeing and elbowing the opponent , on the other hand the ground fighting involves acts which make the opponents go down on the  ground through the usage of various grappling holds.On the other hand clinch fighting is aprocess of holding the opponent either to prevent him from getting a dominant position on the ground or to prevent him from getting the different strikes.

Many of the mixed martial arts fight players use smaller gloves in course of their fights. The choice of open fingered gloves orthe closed finger gloves depends on the type of fight, the country, the weight range of the fighters. The different ways to victory in the mixed martial arts are the knock out, technicaql knock out and submission. Any illegal fight can result in the disqualification of the fighters.

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