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Bruce Lee and Jeet Kune Do

By: Tracy Lenyk | Jun 29 2008 | 303 words | 301 hits

Jeet Kun Do or JKD, is a martial art philosophy developed by martial artist and actor Bruce Lee. Below is an excerpt  from 1 of the 6 ebooks that can be found at http://www.kickingkarate.com

This book was in the making in 1966 and most of the photographs were shot then. The late Bruce Lee intended to publish this book years ago but decided against it when he learned that martial arts instructors were using his name to promote themselves. It was quite common to hear comments like: "I taught Bruce Lee" or "Bruce Lee taught me jeet kune do." And Bruce may never have seen or known these martial artists. Bruce didn't want people to use his name to promote themselves or their schools with false pretenses. He didn't want them to attract students this way, especially the young teens. But after his death, his widow, Linda, felt that Bruce had contributed so much in the world of the martial arts that it would be a great loss if the knowledge of Bruce would die with him. Although the book can never replace the actual teaching and knowledge that Bruce Lee possessed, it will enhance you, the serious martial artist, in developing your skill in fighting. Bruce always believed that all martial artists train diligently for one single purpose - defend themselves. Whether we are in judo, karate, aikido, kung fu, etcetera, our ultimate goal is to prepare ourselves for any situation.



Jeet Kune Do

 was founded by Bruce Lee

because he felt

the martial arts were too confined.

You can't fight in pattern he used to say

because an attack

can be baffling and not refined.

Jeet Kune Do was created by Bruce Lee

to Jeet Kune Do

show us

that an old art must transform.

Like the day turns to night and

night, to day

the way of fighting must also reform.

Bruce Lee developed Jeet Kune Do




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