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ENTERTAINMENT MARTIAL-ARTS Chuck Liddell: Fighter and Actor?

Chuck Liddell: Fighter and Actor?

By: Phoenix Delray | Jun 10 2008 | 399 words | 2149 hits

Most people know of Chuck Liddell as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Iceman. But he also has an acting career. Here are some of the appearances he has made outside the fighting arena.

In The Postman Always Rings Twice, Liddell had an uncredited role as a boy scout. When this 1981 film was released, he was only 11 years old. Twenty years later, the tough guy in the 2001 comedy How High, starring Method Man and Fred Willard, among others, was Liddell.

In another uncredited role, Chuck Liddell played a cage fighter along with Mark Hicks and Garrett Warren in the DMX/Jet Li action drama Cradle 2 the Grave. The 2006 direct to video stinker Bachelor Party Vegas starring Harold and Kumar star Kal Penn was filmed in 16 days, and based on its reviews, it shows. While not technically playing himself, Liddells character was called the Iceman in the film.

The action film The Death and Life of Bobby Z was released in November of 2007, and starred Paul Walker (of The Fast and the Furious fame) and Laurence Fishburne. Liddell had a small role in this film as well. In the television show Blade: The Series, Liddell starred in the 2006 pilot episode as the character Graft. The series was based on the films starring Wesley Snipes, who declined to participate in the television adaptation. The show was canceled after only 12 episodes on the air.

In addition to these roles, Liddell also appeared as himself in the 2008 Owen Wilson film Drillbit Taylor, and on episodes of Entourage (in 2007) and Punkd. On Entourage, he is part of a fake show within a show that is similar to Punkd and is pulling a prank on Johnny Drama. The fake show was hosted by Pauly Shore. He also appears in a Nickelback music video for the song Rockstar. There is an unsubstantiated rumor that he was an extra in the film 300 as well.

He also has a special connection to Catalina Island, and served as coproducer, transportation coordinator, and historical advisor in a 2003 documentary about the island called Hollywoods Magical Island: Catalina. This documentary was directed and written by Greg Reitman, and describes the legacy of the island as a playground of the stars. Some of the famous faces that appear in the film as themselves include Tony Dow from Leave It To Beaver, Gregory Harrison, and fitness guru Jack LaLanne.

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