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Defending your kids

By: Imran ali | Jun 20 2010 | 258 words | 123 hits

Kids need defense as much as you need. As soon as your kids are big enough you need to send them to training centers for self defense. Remember that self defense is essential for every one. Defending kids at home makes us think of firearm but you need to know that you must keep certain self defense weapons away from kids as long as they don't grow big enough to know the use of these. Small children play with almost everything they find and this is the time when mothers need to be more and more careful. Babies don't need self defense as long as their mothers are careful enough.


First you need to find a good instructor to teach you the basics of self defense. If your child has become a teenager, then self defense is very important during this age. Sometimes the use of defense weapons is good to keep assailants away but in the long run combative techniques are not comparable to anything. Combative also means a good and fit health. You also must learn that flexibility of bones is very important in combating. Otherwise you might catch muscle spasms due to expanding or contracting your muscles too much.


Many people are seriously injured or killed due to lack of self defense techniques. Proper education on defense can not only minimize the risks of attacks but also diminish them to a greater extent. If people are aware of the pain that a taser or a stun gun can cause, they will never dare to follow a lonely woman.


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Defending your kids