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ENTERTAINMENT MARTIAL-ARTS Don't get too aggressive with combat self defense

Don't get too aggressive with combat self defense

By: Bruce Strong | Sep 10 2010 | 534 words | 1907 hits

The idea behind combat self defense is to defend yourself adequately against a street attack. It is not a form of attack and it should never be used in an aggressive manner. There are far too many people who believe that learning a few martial arts moves gives them the authority to act like a jerk and violate this first principle of self defense. Hopefully you will decide to join the millions of people around the world who have had enough of thugs and bullies roaming the street but you will also use the moves you learn for the right occasion. There are a few specific things that you need to learn which can be picked up in a good martial arts DVD.

Obviously, knowing how to strike with your arms and legs are the foundations of any worthwhile self defense program. If you cannot learn the basics then you will be in trouble when it comes to a proper street fight. Combat self defense teaches you how to strike with every part of your body. Although using your fists and feet are the most common maneuvers, never underestimate the effectiveness of a knee to the groin or an elbow to the throat or rib cage. If you can stay on your feet and strike quickly and sharply to your attacker's vulnerable points you could end the fight much swifter than you anticipated.

Yet it is a fact that many fights end up on the floor as things get messy. This means that you need to learn how to grapple and hold. Hopefully, your powerful strikes can end the fight before it gets horizontal but if it does go there, you will need to know a few holds to get you out of danger. It will take a bit of searching but you should find a martial arts DVD that specializes in grappling. Although the situation changes, your objective does not. Your aim is to end the fight as soon as possible so you can go home and see your loved ones. Instead of trying to learn dozens of holds, master a few of the more effective ones. With a bit of luck, you may be able to choke out your assailant before things get out of hand.

It's a sad fact of life that the criminal system seems to be focused more on helping thugs. That perpetrators of crime get off lightly while those who suffer are punished is a common refrain from Victim's Rights Groups who suggest that courts are far too lenient on criminals. If you are too aggressive when using combat self defense techniques to defend yourself it is possible that you could be the one who ends up in jail. This means that you will have to use some form of restraint when dealing with thugs so don't go overboard with your self defense!

When you learn the basics of combat self defense and use them correctly, you have a very effective means of defending yourself at your disposal. Try and end a fight early on your feet with hard striking but if the fight goes to the ground, be prepared to choke out your opponent but be careful not to use excessive force.

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