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ENTERTAINMENT MARTIAL-ARTS Fight and Win - 3 Steps to Master the Mental Side of MMA

Fight and Win - 3 Steps to Master the Mental Side of MMA

By: Buster Nelson | Oct 5 2010 | 368 words | 783 hits

The most powerful mixed-martial arts fighters in the world are at the top for a reason. They are there because the confidence and faith they have in themselves. The mental game should be much more appreciated than people realize. Here we provide you with some steps to earn your first MMA win and many there after.


We strongly encourage you to set out some time to relax and visualize exactly how the fight is going to go for you. Many success writers write about how success is 80% psychology and 20% mechanical. This is going to get the mental game to work for you.

Find a comfortable and quiet place to start. Close your eyes and count your breath down from 10. Then focus on your heart beat until you've reached the point of maximal relaxation.

Observe Details.

Start playing the mental movies of how you want your fight to turn out. Focus on the minor details. How exactly does your shin feel connecting to the side of your opponent's face? How does it feel to have you're opponent's neck in an incredibly tight rear naked choke?

If you are taking in every detail, utilize every sense in that moment possible. What does the crowd sound like after you've won? When you focus on this, your brain sees it as a reality and conditions you for the real experience. When you are actually partaking in the event, you will take the right steps to ensure that it goes exactly as predicted.

Let Go.

If you happen to hold on too strong to anything you want, it only pushes it farther away from you. You need to let things unfold and wait for the right guidance sometimes. Make sure you are taking in every detail of the mental movie, but don't grasp it so strongly that you miss out on a great opportunity.

So many opportunities will present during the fight, and if your mind is into it, it will pick the right one to execute on. Sometimes you need to let go and allow your mind to work for you.

For a fight to go in your favour, you must master the mental side of the sport. These details are further discussed in a quality MMA training program.

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