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ENTERTAINMENT MARTIAL-ARTS Get Up, Stand Up, Learn Martial Arts and Martial Arts Moves

Get Up, Stand Up, Learn Martial Arts and Martial Arts Moves

By: Bruce Strong | Jun 21 2010 | 510 words | 1136 hits

As lax as Bob Marley was, his calm temperament never directly translated to being okay with injustice.  While he might've been a bit too inebriated at all times to get up and stand up for himself in lieu of just playing reggae music, he was definitely outspoken enough to say how he felt.  We might feel helpless at times and choose the most passive aggressive approach to resolve a situation for ease's sake, but sometime the only thing that can be done is fight.  

When an attacker has no concept of reasoning through a problem or simply acts without self-inhibition, you need to be prepared, and that doesn't always mean carry a weapon.  You just can't take a knife or can of mace everywhere you go, i.e. the airport, sporting events, schools, and sometimes organic devices are all that remain.  So why not make the most of them and learn martial arts?

The body was built to take a beating, but it was also built to give one.  Under the proper guidelines the human body can become a killing machine, or at least sufficient at self defense.  A few basic martial arts moves can be enough to overcome danger, as it often only travels in one pig-headed direction.  To recognize common tendencies of an attacker is crucial to determining what to do to protect yourself from an incoming negative force.  These tactics and martial arts moves are employed at a much more rapid and intense rate on a professional level, i.e. UFC, but require significantly less proficiency to simply provide self-defense.  Should you decide to learn martial arts on such a level, you can at the very least ensure a cease and desist of any violator's considered intentions.  For women especially, vulnerability is more of a pressing and abundant matter as there is no short supply of degeneration in this world.  

College campuses can be just as unsafe as a desolate urban alley.  In fact, most alleys tend to only contain trash barrels nowadays. It seems threats are constantly moving closer and closer to home, making the need to learn martial arts or any form of self-defense all the more mandatory.  Girls seems to attend more Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes than guys these days, and nary a college doesn't offer a type of on-campus martial arts class.  

You can never be too safe, and never afford to be unsafe, even if some forms of safety are unaffordable.  Such classes realize the profits to be made in their membership fees, but such is the case with all businesses that sell better living.  A self-defense video may be a cheap alternative, but never risk a lesser amount of sufficiency or safety because you can save a buck.  After all, with all the muggers to be thwarted, there's no telling to how much money can be saved from crime prevention alone.  To truly hone in on a strong array of martial arts moves and maximize your personal security, it'd be worth it to just cough up the dough and learn martial arts the right way.

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