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ENTERTAINMENT MARTIAL-ARTS How Can You Dare to Call Yourself a Master? (Part Two)

How Can You Dare to Call Yourself a Master? (Part Two)

By: Al Case | Jan 10 2010 | 429 words | 2175 hits

In part one we discussed that a person really has to know something about an art, and not just in the general monkey see monkey do sense of the current legion of wanna be masters. The article you are reading now has to do with the second and even more important missing ingredient upon the part of todays masters. This article has to do with the true amount of real and workable knowledge a master must have to be a True Master. Yes, a fellow can study a martial art and say he has mastered that martial art, and people might even fall for it. He can get so good at the art of karate, for instance, that nobody can even come close to beating him. That, however, isn't going to result in him really becoming a master. To be able to destroy somebody using a particular martial art is very limited in scope. Destruction, you see, is a very short sighted thing. While there can be an art to destruction, the true martial art is one of control. How do you control somebody who is actively engaged in trying to harm you or your loved ones? You must learn more than one art, and this means you must learn both the arts that result in destruction, and the arts which teach one to control an opponent without harming him. You've got to learn the difference between the factors of force and flow, which is another way of saying you must be able to bash something, or control it. Destroy something and it is gone. No more authority or power over that. True mastery is a perpetuating state whereby you can sustain your power and authority. In the first article I said you had to know something. In this article I am telling you have to know it all, and one other thing. I am telling you that you must have power and authority over people. Having power and authority over not just things, or an art and all its moves is not enough. You must have power and authority over people. You must not just know the moves, you must be able to apply them, selectively, your choice, at any time and any place over any person. Now, having defined a master, consider those who call themselves a master. Can they just hurt and destroy people, and especially those who subject themselves to their teachings? Or have they studied a wide range of arts, and can apply those arts, the technique of their choice, to anybody at any time?

About author:
Al Case has analyzed martial arts 4O+ years. He began writing articles in 1989, and had his own column in Inside Karate. He is the originator of Matrixing Technology, which you can find out about in a free ebook offered at Monster Martial Arts.
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