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ENTERTAINMENT MARTIAL-ARTS How To Spar and Become a Destroyer in Mixed Martial Arts MMA: 3 Top Tips

How To Spar and Become a Destroyer in Mixed Martial Arts MMA: 3 Top Tips

By: MartialArt Gurus | Jul 8 2010 | 317 words | 1893 hits

If you are not sparring with fighters that are better than you in training, then you're wasting time in practice and postponing your first win. Whether you want to or not you should and need to step into the ring and learn to spar with high intensity. Here are a few tips that will make your sparring session as effective as possible.

Keep Moving.

Once you have a training partner shooting in and striking on you, never stop moving. A standstill target will easily be picked up and put on their head or struck around with ease.

Not to mention, if you aren't moving, you probably aren't offering enough resistance. Every time you throw a punch move side to side to get out of range.

Quitting is for Losers. Pace yourself.

You will be training with those much better than you, and once again if your not, then you're simply wasting time. You can expect to get bumped around and a little beaten up by those better than you as well.

This way you will always be learning something new. Every time you learn to defend your opponent's offence, you can throw something back until you land. Just never give up, and always show the will to be in there.

Be Dynamic.

Throwing jab after jab and nothing else will get you knocked out or submitted eventually. Your opponent will catch on faster than you anticipated and be ready every time for what you have.

Once you throw a combination, change it up. Throw punches and kicks. You can also put a take-down into the mix as well. Remember, this is mixed-martial arts.

Here are a few tips to improve your sparring game to improve you fight game. You need a good MMA strength and conditioning program to pack enough power and agility to spar with quality fighters.

So Remember:

Keep Moving.

Quitting is for Losers. Pace yourself.

Be Dynamic.

Visit http://mmatrainingplan.com/ for tips you need to know to win your MMA fight.


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Visit http://mmatrainingplan.com/ for tips you need to know to win your MMA fight
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