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ENTERTAINMENT MARTIAL-ARTS How To Win An MMA Fight With Style: The 3 Top Tips

How To Win An MMA Fight With Style: The 3 Top Tips

By: MartialArt Gurus | Jul 2 2010 | 299 words | 1720 hits

It is really nice when you go out there and win your fight by split decision and continue to win by barely an inch. How much nicer would it be to go out there, fight like a warrior and have the fans love you every time after. Here are the 3 top tips to earn a victory in the cage and be a fan favourite.


Everyday before your bout, devote some time to visualization. This is far more powerful tool than is given credit for. Picture in detail exactly how you anticipate the fight going.

Even details after the fight is over you should be picturing. The referee raising your hand in victory. The crowd roaring in cheer for you.

Be Humble.

The warrior who is humble is the one who is admired. Know how powerful of a fighter you are, but with others always be humble in victory and defeat.

Being humble is a great attribute. When you win or lose, be grateful that you had the chance to be in the ring or cage. Thank everyone for supporting you and thank your opponent for giving you the chance to fight.

Give It Your All.

Enter the ring or cage with absolute confidence and give this fight everything that you ever could. This will make you both shine. There is no benefit to either fighter coming into battle without giving it their all.

If you aren't going to give it your all, forget ever winning in style.

Here are three tips to practice before entering the cage or ring if you want to win you MMA fight in style. Of course a strength and conditioning program is absolutely vital to any training regiment if a fighter want to win in style.

So remember:


Be Humble

Give It Your All

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Visit http://mmatrainingplan.com/ for tips you need to know to win your MMA fight
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