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ENTERTAINMENT MARTIAL-ARTS Martial Artists, Aerobically Avoid "The Fat Dance"

Martial Artists, Aerobically Avoid "The Fat Dance"

By: Keith Pascal | Mar 29 2010 | 667 words | 2096 hits

If you want to get fit, trying to do everything at once doesn't work; I am sure you already know that. The failure rate is just too high. There is a better way, that works well for martial artists. Just make sure that you don't fool yourself by doing some type of 'the fat dance.'

A Martial Artist Starts a Get-in-Shape Plan
Recently, I decided that I was going to "ease into aerobic fitness." I wanted to do this, not only to live longer, but to benefit my quality of life, including the martial arts.

Note: You don't need me to tell you the benefit of being an aerobically-fit martial artist, right? Imagine more flexibility, less injury, ease of movement, and so on.

My definition of "easing" means starting with such a small amount of aerobic exercise, that it would be ridiculous for me to procrastinate. After just a little experimentation, decided that for me, that beginning amount would be eight minutes a day.

For you, it might be less, or your martial-arts continuous exercise might be more.

I know that I can get my body moving for at least eight minutes a day, every day. I decided this would be primarily with martial arts, but I would also include fast walking, and even dancing.

My martial-arts aerobic goal is eight continuous minutes daily, for three weeks. After 21 days, I'll evaluate, and hopefully increase the target amount of activity ... a little. Maybe 11 minutes for the next three weeks.

My eventual goal is to move 30 minutes a day, without procrastinating. Every day. I can picture better martial arts workouts already.

A Martial Artist Witnesses The Fat Dance
So, what does this have to do with the title "The Fat Dance"?

Well, last week, my wife and I went to an outdoor concert. We saw and listened to The Moody Blues.

I don't know about where you live, but at the outdoor concerts in Eugene, Oregon, especially with the more "classic rock" performers, we get an older crowd of concert goers -- anywhere between 35 and 75 years. old -- with some kids mixed in.

You get a lot of women dancing in the walkway at the outdoor amphitheater.

Of note, almost all of these dancing women at the last concert were ... fat.

Here they are, dancing almost continuously for two hours, and they are fat ... supremely overweight.

At the time of this article, I weighed 280 lbs., and they made me look small. I am not making fun of them. After all, I not a representation of an Apollo (or Bruce Lee) physique.

As I said, I am not picking on these women ... I am just trying to understand: If I were to dance for a couple of hours daily, I would be thin as a makiwara board.

They must have aerobic fitness. After all, they were flailing their arms around for two hours ... without stopping. So, they had to be doing 'this dancing stuff' quite regularly to maintain the pace.

Note: And they probably aren't eating enough calories to offset that amount exercise, right? Especially after exercising -- that much dancing would kill my appetite. (Yes, logic states that I should just exercise more to kill my appetite ... to which I refer you back to ... eight minutes at a time, to start.)

Martial Artist's Ingredient for a Real Aerobic Workout
Their arms undulated rhythmically to the beat of the music. Their arms ...


And suddenly, I understood. They weren't moving their legs. I had heard that for it to be a true aerobic workout it has to involve the legs ... big muscles. These women were standing in one spot the entire time. They barely moved their legs.

Hmm -- just arms. And the women were overweight.

So, whichever activity I choose for my eight minutes shouldn't focus just on the arms. In other words, punching wouldn't count towards the eight minutes, but kicking would. Punching while moving around would be even better -- both arms and legs!


After all, along with my aerobic benefit, I wouldn't mind losing some of 'the excess.'

About author:
Keith Pascal is the author of Control Your Fear: A Guide For Martial Artists: Eliminate Fear!.
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