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Martial Arts Success Stories

By: Joseph Galea | Jan 10 2010 | 291 words | 492 hits

George Adams, a police officer by day and a martial arts instructor by night, was suddenly faced with a life or death situation no martial arts technique could defend, a brain aneurysm.

It began with headaches, which led to dizziness. Several examinations revealed a brain aneurysm that could only be alleviated with immediate surgery. If successful, life was the only guarantee. The quality of life was unknown.

After multiple surgeries, the final one without complications, the doctors sent him on his long road to recovery. His motor skills, including speech, were severely impaired from the surgery.

As part of his rehabilitation program, he had to plug shaped blocks into their appropriate slot. He engaged in speech therapy, which he described as having to learn to speak all over again.

For many people, this could have been a discouraging time. His peers doubted he would ever be the same again as a person, an officer, and a martial artist. This was something George Adams could not accept.

He worked harder. Whatever the doctors wanted him to do, he did double or triple the training. When he was able, he resumed his martial arts training. This greatly facilitated his recovery, especially with his motor skills.

The result is an uplifting martial arts success story. Less than one year later, George Adams was …back on the streets¯ in police uniform and teaching martial arts classes at his school in the evening. Today, five years later, George Adams has opened a 2nd martial arts school and continues to serve the community as a police officer.

His martial arts determination and never-give-up attitude are lessons for us all. It is also an opportunity to reflect on the value of our life and to be grateful for everything and anyone we might take for granted.

About author:
Joseph Galea is a contributing writer for Martial Arts Monthly magazine. http://www.learnmartialartsonline.com http://www.martialartsteachers.com
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