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ENTERTAINMENT MARTIAL-ARTS Mixed Martial Arts Fighters From Hawaii

Mixed Martial Arts Fighters From Hawaii

By: jamiehanson | Aug 13 2009 | 543 words | 741 hits

Martial Arts have always been a craze among most of the people across the world. Mixed Martial Arts has always been considered as one of the best sports these days. People love to watch the self defense techniques tactfully used by both the opponents. Mixed Martial Arts Fighters from Hawaii are highly trained challengers who have mastered this technique of self defense. They are now on the field to show you their best performance and capability that literally keeps you fixed on your seats till the competition is over. Some of the most popular Mixed Martial Arts Fighters From Hawaii are BJ Penn, Kendall Grove, Suger Shane to name a few have shown their best talent and tact in the recent fights. This fighting competition was held in Philadelphia, Wachovia Center where BJ Penn proved himself to be the best in the world of MMA. However, BJ Penn commits to be on number one position, so there is no chance of other lightweight on the whole earth of beating him. Kenny Florian learnt this painful and excruciating lesson on Saturday when UFC 101 was viewed. Penn revealed his talent and skill in the field of Mixed Martial arts which will be remembered forever. His performance has created waves in this championship leagues. People have appreciated his commitment and keenness during the challenge. BJ Penn conquered Florian right form the first round till the 3m 54sec score of 4th Round, it was here when his rear-naked stifle ended the matters. BJ Penn's game was flawless and perfect. This was confirmed by the 17,411 spectators who were glued to their seats till BJ Penn ultimately won. BJ Penn fans in the Wachovia Center viewed the entire match with great amusement and amazement. The audience was amazed to see the way Penn systematically faced and singled out each and every facet of his opponents- Florian's fight preparation. Penn organized the standup with firm rights which counteracted his opponent's 4 inch contact advantage thereby resulting in 2 opening round knockdowns. Penn was quite successful to stop and defend every takedown attempts from his challengers. And when these were put to the ground, Penn was still fresh, fit and fine with no sign of deterioration. Just like from past several years, his cardio was perfect and this really helped him to lead to capitulation hold. Penn was all set to fight and he actually wanted to maintain his title. But Florian was more prepared than before, as he showed a better performance in each aspect of fight. Florian was efficient in boxing and Penn was ready for the match. Penn already knew that Florian was dreadful opponent, but he never tried to back off. He showed his true sportsmanship on Saturday night, the fight night. Penn was all prepared and boosted to become the mixed martial champion and this helped him win the fight against Florian. He said the he wanted to have the fun and wanted to live his dream on Saturday night. He really wanted to do this and he did it! And if he really wants to maintain his rank, he should be dedicated to hard work and sincere practice. Now he has to stay on the cutting-edge orelse he will soon be in old news.

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