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Motorbikes Rental Services

By: pntglobal | Aug 28 2008 | 333 words | 180 hits

Our professional and experienced staff have rented motorcycles throughout Spain, Portugal, Italy & France and we know what it takes to satisfy our demanding customers. We are superbly organized to arrange your Motorcycle needs during Holidays or Business Trips. IMT rents Moto bikes of all categories and sizes. All our BMW motorbike rentals are new, safe, well maintained and reliable. Our IMT motorcycle rental fleet includes a large selection of BMW bikes and more.

You might know how ride a cruiser, but do you really know what it is like to travel with a group of other biker enthusiasts? The atmosphere is quite unique. When a shiny BMW pulls into a gas station, eyes turn toward it (you know what I mean). But, when a group of riders roll into a gas station, all attention within a half-mile focuses on the riders. People are inspired by the free-spirited bikers. To help Spanish and German speaking customers better understand what we offer, we have a translation version of this Link homepage in Spanish and German (please click on the icon/s on the right).

Sports Bike

Sport touring refers to either a style of motorcycle design, or a philosophy of riding. It is an attempt to blend performance with long-distance capabilities while providing comfort and relative safety to the rider. Sport touring has evolved over decades from simply strapping a bag to the back of any sporty motorcycle to a very specified genre of motorcycle riding for which specific models of motorcycles, luggage, riding apparel and other accessories have been designed.

However, this class has become important and competitive enough that many manufactures now offer purpose-built engines for their sport touring models. The Honda ST series engines have never been used in any other models. The Yamaha FJR1300's engine, though closely related to the 1000cc R1 sport bike engines in design, is in fact a dedicated engine available only in the sport touring FJR models. Kawasaki introduced the new 1400cc Concours in 2007 with a dedicated engine design.



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    Motorbikes Rental Services

  • Motorbikes Rental Services
  • Aug 6 2008