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Self Defence Anatomy

By: Adrian F Alexa | Nov 7 2010 | 441 words | 1762 hits

Self defence moves represent excellent methods to help protect yourself from incoming attacks and attackers, however, in order to fully grasp the impact of these self defence techniques, you must first understand some basic anatomy principles. Most self defense moves are based on the weaknesses of the human body and this is the article where I share with you some of the main secret areas in the human body, that can cause pain, lack of conscience and disorientation to the furious attacker.

We will start from the top to the bottom and I have to say that the head is filled with such places. First of all, the eyes represent one of the weakest points in the human body. It will sound cruel however in a life or death situation you must act. A direct blow with the fingers to the attackers eyes will leave him in extreme pain and complete incapacity. He will most likely run away or collapse from the pain. Also behind the ears there is a bone that in placed directly over the balance center of the body or the inner ear. A direct blow with your palm or elbow to that area will leave an attacker with limited or no balance, causing him to fall.

Another weak point the human body has is located directly under the nose. A cartilage is located there and if receiving a direct blow, that cartilage will send out extreme pain sensations to the brain and activate the tear glands of the eyes, thus the attacker will not see and will be temporarily incapacitated. Also a special spot which only men have is the Adam's apple in the neck. A straight punch to that are will leave a man without breath and can actually be fatal if delivered with too much power.

Moving down a bit on the body, we reach the liver. It is considered to be regenerating organ and filters all the impurities in your body. It is located in the lower right side of the abdominal cavity and when punched properly, can cause the attacker to collapse in extreme pain, have almost total lack of breath and even loss of consciousness.

The last weak point taught by self defence classes on the human body, is represented by the knee. It holds you leg together as a principle joint and is covered by a very hard cartilage known as the patella or the knee cap. Upon receiving a direct blow, this injury can cause an attacker to instantly drop and experience pain. All these techniques may seem cruel and unfair, however they must be used only in critical situations and are only for protection.

About author:
Adrian is the editor of this article. He also writes for http://selfdefencemoves.org/. This is a website where you can find out more about self defence moves.
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    Self Defence Anatomy