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ENTERTAINMENT MARTIAL-ARTS Seven Deadly Martial Arts Weapons...one Article Of Clothing

Seven Deadly Martial Arts Weapons...one Article Of Clothing

By: Al Case | Feb 6 2011 | 382 words | 726 hits

You are walking down the street when a dozen Arabs on Choppers begin to ride around you. They were trained in special Spetznatz ninja techniques by the CIA, what you gonna do? Fortunately, you are prepared, you are wearing pants, and they are held up by that most deadly of all martial arts weapons...the dreaded belt!

Now, you think I am having a laugh, but I am not. You are about to get a tutorial in, uh, belt fu. Or Belt-kido, or something like that.

First, always make sure the belt you are wearing isis medium thickness and smooth. You need to be able to jerk it out of the loops in one easy motion. Then grasp rip that belt firmly, and get ready to kick a king size serving of ass!

A heavy metal buckle wrapped around the fist make a fine set of brass knuckles. Grasp it tight, and make sure you don't hit in such a way that your own knuckles will take any abuse. Holding it tightly, smack away with pride.

If you have sharp edges on the buckle it can be used to slice and dice. Heck, swinging the belt as a flail or a whip, you can make mincemeat out of a home intruder. Just make sure it doesn't bounce back and shave your own pretty face!

Now, here's something for those of you possessed of a bit of flair and stones, uh, the kind of stones you find laying around on the ground. The belt can be folded and used as a sling! Can anybody spell David out there?

Now, believe it or not, there are actually six techniques covered in the last paragraphs, though you might have to sort them out. So what is the seventh technique? Use your belt to tie, wrap or choke somebody.

Okey dokey and ain't we got fun, thats a lot of stuff you can do with a simple article of clothing...and don't get me started on the socks. One warning, please make sure you are wearing pants that won't fall fall when you whip the belt out...taking your pants off in the middle of a fight isn't good strategy, unless your attacker dies of laughter. And, that all said, That is how you make Seven Deadly Martial Arts Weapons out of one, simple piece of clothing.

About author:
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