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ENTERTAINMENT MARTIAL-ARTS "Shuriken" Star Throwing - Why I Don't Throw Them

"Shuriken" Star Throwing - Why I Don't Throw Them

By: Keith Pascal | Mar 27 2010 | 364 words | 107 hits

Shuriken? Really? An Article About Shuriken?

A couple of weeks ago, my mother visited my study in my home. I was in the process of switching rooms with my daughter. Temporarily, I tacked some shuriken to a wall in order to fill an empty space.

My mom wanted to experiment with the decor, and so asked me if I could take down my "martial-arts flowers" for a minute.

Martial-arts flowers?

Not only did I take them down, but I stored them in a box. I decided that there was no need to show them off, since I don't use them. (And no, the decision wasn't based on my mother's comment.)

Shuriken? Not Any More

Shuriken aren't really part of my current life.

Let me explain:

At one time, I practiced with my throwing stars. I wanted to have a weapon that I could use from a distance, and after watching Kung Fu on TV, I thought that spinning shuriken would be the answer.

So, I learned the skill. I could throw and stick them into a board leaning against the back of the house.

But then I stopped practicing. 


1. I took up shuriken throwing, because I thought it would be easy. With so many points, one of them just had to stick, right? Wrong -- it still took skill, and I found that I was more accurate with knives.

2. Shuriken  are illegal in many areas. I didn't want to get arrested for carrying a concealed weapon.

3. The thin, dull stars could still hurt, but they weren't as effective as the stars with sharpened blades....

4. It was easy to cut yourself on one of the many blades. Very inconvenient to hold.

5. I found lots substitutes -- everyday items to be used as projectiles.

6. I didn't want to be one of the guys who wore them on a chain around the neck or as a belt buckle. Not my style, at all.

Of course, there was one final reason not to carry my shuriken around with me: I didn't want to lose them, if I had to defend myself. They were difficult to purchase, back then, and I didn't want to toss them in the bushes.

After all, they used to make such wonderful decorations -- martial-arts 'wallflowers.'  

About author:
Keith is the author of several martial-arts eBooks, including: Better Knife Fighting.
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