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ENTERTAINMENT MARTIAL-ARTS Street Fighter Moves - Do You Know 5 Ways to Possibly Spot a Concealed Firearm? (Part 1 of 3)

Street Fighter Moves - Do You Know 5 Ways to Possibly Spot a Concealed Firearm? (Part 1 of 3)

By: Charles Prosper | Apr 2 2010 | 468 words | 1867 hits

Whether you are in a bank, a line to board an airplane or walking inside of a night club with your wife or your date, you need to know what it looks like when a suspicious individual is harboring a concealed firearm. Situational awareness is the first step to safety and the best pro-action is prevention, that is, allowing yourself to unknowingly be placed in harm's way.

There are surprisingly many ways to spot the behavior of a person hiding a firearm. We will examine here a few of them.

5 Ways To Possibly Spot Someone Carry A Concealed Firearm:

#1 - The Suspicious Person Is Wearing Clothing Contrary To The Weather - Wearing A Jacket When It Is Way Too Hot For That - Though it is no guarantee nor cause for immediate alarm should you see someone with a heavy leather jacket in 93 weather, but you should at least notice it.

#2 - The Person Is Wearing A Coat That Is Unzipped When The Weather Is Too Cold - On the opposite end of the weather spectrum, if it is 30 weather and the suspect has his jacket unzipped with a bulge toward the front side of the waist, could be cause for alarm.

#3 - The Person Repeatedly Touches The Waist Area Adjusting It As He Walks - If a person is carrying a weapon at the waist, he will tend to repeatedly touch it as the possible weapon shifts its position as he walks.

#4 - He Wears A Shirt With The Tail Out Or With The Shirt Only Buttoned Near The Top - When you observe these signs, you should always compute and connect them with the total picture: the appearance of the person, his nervous and suspicious behavior, and most of all your "gut" feeling.

#5 - He Keeps One Hand In His Pocket To Stabilize The Possible Weapon Or To Camouflage The Outline Of The Butt Of The Gun Through His Pants Pocket - This too is not a guarantee that a individual is carrying a gun, but it is a flag and an exercise of your situational awareness that would help you to notice all of the other corroborating factors that are happening in addition to this.

Once you spot any suspicious behavior such as this, immediately notice everything else that would give you even more reason to believe that this is a "person of interest" as the law enforcement personnel like to say. Does he look nervous? Does he look like he is scoping out the area? Is he constantly looking at his watch and/or over his shoulder? When you notice any combination of behavior such as this, you should ready yourself by reporting the individual to any possible security personnel nearby and then decide if it might be better to just remove yourself from the situation.

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