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ENTERTAINMENT MARTIAL-ARTS Street Fighter Moves - Do You Know the 4 Steps of Using Visualization to Train Yourself to Fight?

Street Fighter Moves - Do You Know the 4 Steps of Using Visualization to Train Yourself to Fight?

By: Charles Prosper | Apr 2 2010 | 502 words | 1589 hits

You just saw this incredible reality-based fighting technique on a video clip demonstrated by a recognized world-class fighting instructor.  The clip is only 5 minutes long and the technique is simple and to-the-point.  You could see how effective this could be in a real street confrontation.  But the question becomes, how do you learn and practice what you have just seen without a live teacher or a training partner?  The answer lies in 4 action steps of creative visualization that I will reveal to you here.

  • You just saw an incredibly effective technique on how to counter a take-down, or "shoot" where someone is trying to tackle you to the ground by shooting for your legs with their arms out in an attempted move to bend over and grab you behind the knees to take you to the ground by ramming their shoulders into your gut as they lift your feet off of the ground.   If you would really like to learn and master this counter to the take-down via this video clip, this is how you would do it:

The 4 Steps of Using Creative Visualization To Train Yourself When You Don't Have A Teacher or Partner

Step #1 - Watch A Short Video of The Street Fighting Technique That You Want To Learn - As you watch this video, usually no more than 5 minutes, picture yourself doing this as you watch.

Step #2 - Go Deeper By Closing Your Eyes After You Watch The Video And For 10 Minutes, Visualize In Detail Your Perfect Execution of The Technique - As you sit comfortably, back straight in a straight-back chair, with feet flat on the ground, you picture with the greatest amount of detail possible, that you are face-to-face with the most aggressive opponent you can imagine, trying to take you to the ground, but in your mind's eye, you successfully counter it with the technique that you just watched. 

Step #3 - Visualize  With The Maximum Amount of Visual Detail Possible - Picture all of the sights, smells, and tactile sensations of this mental fight.  You must always see yourself correctly executing the technique. 

Step #4 - After You Visualize, Open Your Eyes And Create Your Own "Kata" - You have of course, heard of the term "shadow boxing", the martial arts term for this is called a "kata" or "form".  You will now create your own kata or form to practice the counter to this take-down.  Actually stand up and go throw the movements for at least 10 minutes.

Keep Up This Routine for At Least 3 Weeks Before Placing Judgment on Its Efficacy

The idea is that you usually will begin to see results in about 21 days.  After that time, you will continue your daily practice until you either find a trainer partner or begin to train with an instructor.  The idea is always that in the absence of practicing with a partner or a trainer, you will always be able to continue to train yourself with these 4 proven steps of creative visualization.

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