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ENTERTAINMENT MARTIAL-ARTS Street Fighter Moves - Interview With David D'Antonio - How to Overcome the Fear of Street Fighting

Street Fighter Moves - Interview With David D'Antonio - How to Overcome the Fear of Street Fighting

By: Charles Prosper | Apr 3 2010 | 382 words | 2570 hits

Charles: Now, most of the people who enter into the field of self protection and self defense, have not had a lot of real life confrontations, and when they find themselves in that confrontation, they find themselves with something they weren't expecting - paralyzing fear. And this is natural if you haven't been trained properly. And so, we want to know from you, our expert for tonight, ways that a person can overcome the fear of fighting. Can you give us some tips or secrets on that?

David: Absolutely, I think The First And Most Important Thing is try to limit the amount of techniques you are learning. And although that may sound strange, the more techniques you know, the more you're going to have to recall at the moment of truth, and the more self-doubt you're going to have because you really don't know what technique you're going to bring out. You have to limit the amount of techniques that you're learning to a base amount of useable techniques.

Charles: Wow. And what would be a number two secret or tip?

David: The Second, and I think one of the most important tips in overcoming the fear of fighting another person, is not to be afraid to hurt or get hurt. A lot of times we face off against another person, and the fear of actually hurting another human being comes into mind, and through that fear is that we start to have a fear of fighting.

Charles: Wow. And most people are not aware that actual fear of hurting the other person, and that is also a reflection of the fear of themselves getting hurt.

David: Exactly. Another thing is The Third Reason is that a lot of people in the martial arts is that they don't know what to do. They don't know how to handle the adrenaline rush. They don't know how to handle the situation. And by understanding your self and taking control of yourself and the situation, we can definitely overcome that fear of fighting and walk out victorious every time.

Charles: Definitely something that we can take with us to improve the way that we handle when these situations come up. Again, David, it's been a really good interview, and we really thank you for this.

David: Thank you for having me, Charles.

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