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Street Fighting Tips

By: Fred P Nichols | Apr 1 2010 | 571 words | 1616 hits

The techniques that are used in street fighting or combat self-defense are actually combat Karate and other martial arts moves. Originally all these techniques were street fighting techniques. It was developed and perfected into military form of fighting systems, branching out into other parts of the world. As the fighting systems were passed down to modern day martial artists some of the basic elements were lost or not understood. Leading to ineffective street fighting techniques.

Improper execution of street fighting techniques leads to abandonment of will and the acceptance of defeat. But there is a way to do the techniques correctly. This is where karate training comes into action. Karate was developed to defend against armed and unarmed attackers. The only difference between Karate and street fighting is the rigidness of Karate techniques. In street fighting mobility is what defeats adversaries.

Training is required and a must to deliver effective strikes. And every technique you use in street fighting has the potential to cause severe injuries to an adversary. Care should be taken when practicing street fighting techniques. Delivering a strike to the solar plexus area can cause serious injury to the heart, bruising it and possible death. Striking to the neck can cause an attacker to blackout. There are several types of strikes if done in certain combinations can cause prolonged problems to the body and even death several weeks later. This is called the death touch.

Some of the basic Street fighting tips:
1. There are no rules. Only tactics for survival.
2. Avoid the confrontation. Run when you can, only fight when necessary.
3. Look for an escape route or way out as soon as possible
4. Once you decide to fight - Hurt your opponent or be injured. Have the right mindset. This is where you have to have the killer instinct.
5. Use anything as a weapon.
6. Use movement to your advantage. Move out of the way of strikes and kicks.
7. Use fast and effective techniques that you practiced, tested, and have confidence with. Do not hesitate when executing techniques. Deliver techniques with authority. Timid execution of techniques will get you hurt.
8. Control your opponent and the situation.
9. When ever possible throw or sweep the attacker to the ground, asphalt, or pavement. An opponent on the ground is less dangerous than standing.

A lot of street fighters like to target the head. The street fighter has a tendency to deliver large circular strikes called "round house punches" by Karate practitioners or "hook punches" by boxers. The problem with this type of strike, if the attacker lacks experience, is the strike will grace off the contact point instead of connecting. If the strike does connect it can knock a person out. To defend against this type of strike develop a good stance with the hands up protecting the head.

Stance for fighting a street fighter:
1. Feet are shoulder width or slightly less apart.
2. One foot slightly in front of the other foot.
3. Knees comfortably bent for mobility.
4. Hands are up around the head to protect your head
5. Elbows pointing down
6. Fists slightly clenched, not tightly clasped held ear height.
7. Fist positioned 3 to 4 inches away from the ears.
8. Lean slightly forward.
9. Light on the feet. Heels just touching.

Getting hit is another thing you must get use to. In a street fight you are going to get hit. Absorbing the strike and continuing to fight is based on training and experience. Combat Karate teaches this and other things.

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