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ENTERTAINMENT MARTIAL-ARTS The Hardest MMA Strength And Conditioning Program - Review

The Hardest MMA Strength And Conditioning Program - Review

By: MichelleNewlin | Nov 2 2010 | 545 words | 1027 hits

MMA Training And Conditioning Program - Personal Review

This is my review on a MMA guide called: The Ultimate MMA Training And Conditioning Program

The Basics
MMA is a sport that focuses on combining techniques from various martial arts, such as wrestling, judo, boxing, Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This combination has the purpose of managing and developing the most effective techniques for a theoretically free fight. MMA is a complex and demanding sport which can lead to a very healthy body, if done accurate. The Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program provides you with an easy to follow workout program that will answer all of your questions and more. Everything you get is based on scientific principles of strength and conditioning and fight-tested results.

General questions concerning MMA practice:

-How many times a week should I lift weights/do cardio?
-Are intervals and sprints the best way to develop cardio?
-What exercises are the best for MMA?
-Won't lifting weights make me slow?
-How do I train to develop knockout power with my strikes?
-I heard I don't need conditioning since I'm training MMA 5 days a week?

If you follow this program, you'll develop the following qualities: power and endurance in your aerobic, anaerobic lactic, and anaerobic alactic energy systems; strength and power in all major movement patterns (lunge, bend, push, pull, squat, twist), isometric endurance; growth in all 7 biomotor abilities; sagittal, transverse, and frontal plane core stability, and much, much more to help you reach your physical potential.

My Review
Until I discovered this program, I felt like I was missing out by not being able to go all-out 6 days a week. Thanks to this program, I have discovered that less is more. I can train my strength/ MMA conditioning 2-3 days a week and still be strong enough to train MMA-specific whenever I get the chance.

My footwork's continuing to improve. I've been working a lot on a simple combination that requires pretty concise footwork: cross, backstep-jab, stepping cross. I'm still a bit awkward with punching on a backstep and immediately switching to a stepping cross, but I'm getting better at it a little at a time. I have made super gains in endurance (thanks to the Crazy 8³s routine) as well as flexibility, speed, and explosiveness. and I'm not even halfway through the 8 week cycle yet! This program is resposible for getting me on the right track to achieve my goals, instead of wandering aimlessly through the wilderness of …this is the best¯ programs that are out there.

Nutrition-itsu is absolutely incredible in its simplicity. I have worked so long to find the difference between having energy and lowering my BMI. This is the first program that comes with well thought-off arguments and examples I've run across and doesn't talk like a doctor when explaining it. Also I've increased body weight(muscle) without gaining fat. My conditioning has also increased dramatically.

I'm a pretty small fish in a big pond so far (3 fights in 18 months) but I now have the confidence that comes with a belief in how I train, so hopefully one day when I'm getting my hand raised under the big lights. Ultimate MMA Training & Conditioning Program states a pretty devoted fitness disciple and I love it!

Check the video and info on: MMA Training And Conditioning Program

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