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ENTERTAINMENT MARTIAL-ARTS The Truth Behind the Three Depths of Striking in the Martial Arts!

The Truth Behind the Three Depths of Striking in the Martial Arts!

By: Al Case | Jan 10 2010 | 452 words | 526 hits

Old guy knocks a young guy on his fanny! That'll make a headline, eh? So what bit of martial knowledge did the old guy know that would enable him to take out a young guy so easy squeezy?


The old guy, having studied the martial arts for a number of years, knew how to deliver a bit of intention into his fist. And, if you knew the things that he knew...then you would have that same type of ability. The secret to what the old guy knew I have described in this article, so read it with attention to detail.


There are three depths to be considered in martial arts striking. If you know what these depths are, and how to reach them, then you will know how to deliver a real punch. And, if you dont know these depths, then your opponent is going to have a good laugh, right before he knocks you on your fanny.


The first depth in martial arts striking is skin deep. This is when you strike somebody hard enough to touch his delicate skin. This is the way children are taught to hit each other, and this is so little Johnnys mother wont get all flustered and upset when little Johnny comes home with a teensie weensie bruise!


The second depth in martial arts striking is muscle depth. This is when you hit somebody hard enough to cause a good sized and serious bruise. This is the way most people learn to hit, and then they can be proud of their bruises, but they aren't in much danger. Most people, you see, dont want to hit hard enough to really hurt their fellow man.


The third depth in martial arts striking is bone depth. This is when you strike somebody so hard that you can break a bone. Hit somebody, with the knuckles, on the point of the shoulder, hard, and watch what happens.


Now, can you strike somebody on the body and deliver that kind of pain and injury? Can you make them revulse because you are penetrating their body with an actual desire to hurt their very bones? Can you get over the game of bruises and throw a fist like you want it to mean something?


This is what is behind the philosophy of classic one shot one kill martial arts like shotokan or uechi ryu. This is the secret of internal power behind the martial arts like shaolin kung fu, like Choy Lee Fut or Hung Gar, or Wudan style arts like Pa Kua Chang or Tai Chi Chuan or Hsing i. This is the kind of strike that  takes a person out of the MMA or UFC type events, and makes a real fighter out of the artist.

About author:
Al Case has studied the martial arts 40+ years. He has written for the magazines since 1981, and had his own column in Inside Karate. He is the originator of Neutronics and Matrixing. You can find out how deep his strike is by getting a free ebook at Monster Martial Arts.
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