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ENTERTAINMENT MARTIAL-ARTS The spiritual martial art: Shaolin Kung Fu

The spiritual martial art: Shaolin Kung Fu

By: Pranav Mehta | Apr 23 2012 | 447 words | 288 hits

There are only a chosen few who have made Shaolin India possible by fulfilling their life’s dream of training at the Monastery so that they can impart this skill and knowledge to aspirants in India through their Shaolin Kung Fu School.

The Shaolin Kung Fu is supposed to be an external system of Chinese martial arts. By external it could mean that part of the skills of the martial arts that deal with the physical body. But masters of the art including the Shaolin India masters believe that Shaolin Kung Fu is not only a form of physical skill or exercise. When fully practiced it deals with the body, mind and soul. Hence it requires years of restrained training to control and strengthen the body, mind and soul. There are experts in this field who have spent the larger part of their life just learning the Shaolin Kung Fu and while they were at it, they did little else.

Many are of the opinion that the aspect of physical exercise in Shaolin Kung Fu that is given importance by many a fake trainer is just a by-product of the real practice. The true essence of Shaolin Kung Fu is more spiritual than physical or mental although the body and the mind are also greatly strengthened by regular practice of the martial arts. A good Shaolin Kung Fu school would however teach it like a spiritual practice where meditation and subjugation of ego forms the most important part of the training. There are not many schools that do that however.

There are some masters of Shaolin in India that teach this great martial art not like a technique that can be mastered with ease but a way by which one can get spiritual awareness and fortification and also be mentally and physically strengthened.

Although physical fitness is considered as a secondary benefit of the real Shaolin Kung Fu, the advantages of physical fitness do not need to be recounted. While the real Shaolin Kung Fu has to be taught to a disciple that is chosen by the master from among thousands of aspirants what can one expect from a Shaolin Kung Fu school where enrolling more and more students is necessary for survival?

As part of the effort of Shaolin India, the Shaolin Kung Fu School that has been founded in India and the branches of the school that are fast proliferating at least give the advantage of physical well being to the students if not the spiritual benefit that this wholesome Martial Art would impart if learnt the right way from the right masters in the Chinese Shaolin Monastery. It is possible only for a very few truly dedicated and passionate followers.


About author:
Pranav Mehta is the Author of this article and writes about Sports News and other matters. For further detail about martial arts classes and chinese shaolin kung fu please visit the website.
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