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ENTERTAINMENT MARTIAL-ARTS Uncovering The True Evolution Of Real Taekwondo Styles

Uncovering The True Evolution Of Real Taekwondo Styles

By: Al Case | Nov 14 2010 | 500 words | 1651 hits

Taekwondo styles are fascinating things, as they are each a slice of the complete discipline, and even resemble the ultimate evolution of all arts. I say this as a fellow who paid his dues at one of the original schools of the art, the Kang Duk Won. For the past few decades I've watched as each method of Korea's most famous discipline has emerged, and there is an evolution of art occurring here that is worthy of study.

First, the original schools, the Song Moo Kwan, Chung Do Kwan, Chang Moo Kwan, and all the others, were mostly Karate. The practitioners who put these arts together studied with Master Funakoshi during the forties. The rest studied with his students or other Japanese Karate Instructors.

Thus, the first methods were karate, plain and simple and easy to see. Korea gaining independence, however, and nationalism rose throughout the country, and taekwondo was put forth by General Choi Hong Hi. Thus, much of Okinawan Karate was discarded, altered, and taekwondo began its various evolutions.

Now, there are several styles of Taekwondo, and several evolutions of forms. Most of them are interpretations of simple karate basics, with emphasis on kicking. One should not hold one art over the other, and such things as my Taekwondo is the Deadliest Martial Art, or my Taekwondo is the Best Martial Art shouldn't be bothered with. The individual arts are slices of the pie, and the diligent student will study all the styles, be able to do all the forms, and decide for himself which are best.

That said, one should branch into a study of Hapkido. Hapkido is a put together by a fellow who is supposed to have trained in Daito ryu Aiki jujitsu. There is some confusion on the exact experiences of the founder, but the art is proving valuable. It is lasting, and people are learning their lessons, but one does need to go into a study of it with awareness.

After Hapkido there are the original Korean Martial Arts. These would be such arts as Taekgyeon and Subak. Taekgyeon, and there is some variation on this spelling, eventually translated into Hwarangdo. While Hwarangdo borrowed the name, there does seem to be some meat to the art.

Subak is one of the original arts taught before the Japanese outlawed Korean martial arts. It is a delight of drilling and training and throwing an attacker effortlessly. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to find an instructor, but this is still an art worth looking into.

So, the advice here is that one start off with the simple variations of Choi Hong Hi, and travel through the various groups and styles to find what is best for you. After that, one should explore original karate forms and techniques, to better explore the origins of TKD, and then begin a sojourn through Hapkido, and Hwarangdo, and, if one is lucky, Subak. While this suggestion of study may seem time consuming, it is the only way to get to the the original secrets of Real Taekwondo Styles.

About author:
Al Case studied the Kang Duk Won back in the 70s, and it was in its original form. Mouse over to his website if you want to pick up an absolutely ree Karate Book.
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