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ENTERTAINMENT MARTIAL-ARTS Why You Should Join Mixed Martial Arts Over Any Other Martial Art: Our 3 Top Reasons

Why You Should Join Mixed Martial Arts Over Any Other Martial Art: Our 3 Top Reasons

By: MartialArt Gurus | Jul 4 2010 | 294 words | 2511 hits

Mixed-martial arts is becoming a powerhouse in the sports world ever year since the Ultimate Fighter popularized it to the general public. It is the fastest growing sport in the world for many reasons. Here we will discuss with you why you should be training this style over any other.

It's Mixed.

MMA is implying that it is several martial arts, not saying that one by itself is superior to any. Fighters come from backgrounds, of boxing, jiu-jitsu, judo and wrestling.

Knowledge of each will prepare a fighter for when the fight is taken to the ground, then standing back up again striking, then standing against the cage in a clinch. Practice each of every form to never be in shock when experiencing an unwanted position.


If you are in the street and a mugger takes you to the ground, your kick-boxing background will help you, right? Wrong. No single martial art will ever prepare you for self defence the way MMA will.

You will learn every aspect of where a dangerous situation could take you.


Since the dawn of time, man has been looking for a way to measure how much of a warrior a man can be. All other martial arts lose their practicality when matched against an MMA fighter because of their well roundedness.

The strongest man in the world was beaten flat on the mat in the cage. Kicking a soccer ball into a net isn't going to prove the will of a man the way that mixed-martial arts does.

There are many more reasons why you should be fighting in MMA to test your will. Before joining any training club, utilize an MMA strength and conditioning program to break yourself into the sport a little easier.

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Visit http://mmatrainingplan.com/ for tips you need to know to win your MMA fight
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