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ENTERTAINMENT PHOTOGRAPHY Photo Studio-A Perfect way for retaining memories!

Photo Studio-A Perfect way for retaining memories!

By: Marc Maron | Nov 14 2013 | 413 words | 1168 hits

Many photographers are trying to set up their photo studio in their own backyard as the rates of commercial or retail space has been escalating non-stop. They have no choice but to operate from their own home. Thus, home based businesses have gained a lot of popularity. If you would like to create your own home based photos studio, there are few things you need to take care of.

The first and foremost thing that you need to keep in mind is the room which you are planning to use for your studio. The room should be big enough that necessary equipments are placed properly and the people coming to the studio for their clicks feel comfortable. Extra small size of the studio will make people claustrophobic hence this is an important criterion. Another major aspect that needs to be done is obtaining business license for working in this field. For this purpose, business owner needs to visit concerned authorities and apply for license. In case there is any home owners association, one needs to take permission from them so that you can conduct your business without any hassle. It is very important to follow their rules and regulations so as to obtain their permission to conduct business in the residential area.

The room that you have decided upon should also be climate controlled so that pictures that are clicked are not negatively affected due to moisture. Equipment storage space is also needed. Take care that temperature do not shoot up beyond 100 degrees else it will be very difficult to conduct business. A session in heated environment will become a nightmare for the clients hence, temperature control is necessary. Invest in a high end air conditioning system.

In case you are a professional photographer, your reputation will grow with leaps and bounds and soon you will have a lot of clients in your small photo studio. It is very important to take care of about the comfort of your clients so as you can deliver best results. Installation of additional outlets may also be needed in case you have chosen a garage for your photo studio. Most often, there are not more than two outlets in a garage, thus this factor needs to be kept in mind. With off-camera lighting, this would not work well with a photographer. Thus, a space must be picked where you can leave your equipments behind even on a floor without getting tensed about storing them after shooting is complete.


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