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ENTERTAINMENT SHOPPING Smartphone Covers & Cases - Make a Style statement today!

Smartphone Covers & Cases - Make a Style statement today!

By: johnsmithkelly201... | May 29 2013 | 408 words | 1551 hits

Fashion and style is not about the big picture, but rather about the smaller details and finer nuances. Many think that a chunky piece of a designer label when sported visibly makes you all glam. Not always. In today's cosmopolitan society, where fashion and style can be customized for one and all, it is all about paying attention to the minute details. For instance, a Smartphone cover! Smartphone's today are more than just plain gadgets. They reflect your taste and class. So when it's about flaunting it in public, it is indeed interesting to see how one maintains a fine balance between style and functionality.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most commonly used Smartphone today. With the suave white and blue exterior who wants to cover it? But, cover it you must to protect this delightful gadget from external damages and texture discoloration that might occur from heat, harsh light and the like. Here is where most go the wrong alley by selecting bland mobile covers that overshadows the innate style of Galaxy S3. Invoke the "experimental fashionista" in you and dabble with some of the designer Samsung Galaxy S3 covers available online. Designed, stitched and manufactured exquisitely these covers are made of high quality PU leather, plastic and silicon sporting urban art, block painting, coloured leopard prints and polka dots without going over the top. Casual or formal, there is something for every occasion.

The iPhone 4 and Samsung Grand Duos are two other high selling Smartphone's today. If you are looking at mobile covers, there are designer covers for these two as well. Go online and type in iPhone 4 covers and Galaxy Grand Duos cases to browse through the attractive options available. Smartphone cases and covers today are available in mainly three categories, namely the wallet style, flip cases and mobile back cases. All these cases are study and durable, with a uniform surface keeping the required space outlet for camera, microphone and the side functional tabs. The wallet type cases have the extra advantage of being used as a wallet to carry business cards and debit/credit cards along with the phone. As for the range, the designer Smartphone cases are high on style, but friendly on your pockets.

They say that it's the "small things" about a person that reflects his/her true style. These designer cases could just be a small element, but they certainly make a fashion statement. Opt in for one today!



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