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Hemorrhoid Cream As A Remedy

By: Miley Richards | Dec 2 2011 | 542 words | 994 hits

Internal hemorrhoids are caused by the increased pressure on the canal which in turn makes the veins swell. The internal hemorrhoids are the hemorrhoids which are swollen and itching. The internal and external hemorrhoids are different in appearance. They may sometimes hang out and protrude out of the anus. Hemorrhoids can be caused from various factors involving lots of strains being applied on the pelvic veins and the walls of the blood vessels.

How to cure Internal Hemorrhoids is explained in the manner given below

• Use suppositories: It is one of the good treatments for the internal hemorrhoids but is not used much. It is also known as hip bath. It has a basin made of ceramic or plastic material and helps in curing the bruising hemorrhoids. The high fiber diet eases your stools as well as prevents the hemorrhoids from occurring in the future.

Clean it: The other treatment of hemorrhoids is keeping the anorectal area of the body very clean. Exercises can be a great help. Keeping it dry gives better relief to the hemorrhoids and also prevents any infection letting in the area. The exercises reduce the stress on the rectum part of your body and the stools also become soft which makes the toilet time easier for you. It also makes your digestive system better. This is one of the best treatments of hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids Relief can be won by

Increase fiber: An accurate diet for hemorrhoids patient will be the one which is rich in fibers. The cream is applied directly on the anus with the help of a cotton ball or tissue. The inflamed tissues are relieved as soon as the cream comes in contact with pelvic veins. The inflammation also reduces by the time.One should avoid spicy and preserved food. addition of Epsom salt can also reduce the problems. It also restores the normal flow blood from the pelvic veins. It brings rapid pain relief and is mostly non-irritant and non-allergic.

Witch Hazel: Witch hazel is used as one of the best natural remedy of hemorrhoids. It is the usage of the special cushions which are available in two shapes ring or doughnut. The cushions are used to bring down the pressure applied on a person in anus veins and also the blood vessel walls. The cushions can also be kept on chair. It can decrease the swelling and itchiness of the skin of the anorectal portion.

The variety of Hemorrhoid Cream are described as following

The usage of cream or ointment known as Preparation H is one of the very popular and fine treatment for the hemorrhoids. These products use petroleum jelly or Vaseline as its base. It also has botanical extracts as its components which work very well with the piles. It is one of the most effective natural healing mechanisms bringing the total relief for your body suffering from the trouble of hemorrhoids.

recommend it to the patients without a second thought for curing piles. It protects the attacked tissue very well. These are excellent in reducing the pain. It also gives normal restoration of blood to and fro in the body. So it is one of the most effective treatments of hemorrhoid problems. . The treatment they are made from is very helpful in providing relief from the pain.


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