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HEALTH ALTERNATIVE-MEDICINE What Are The External Hemorrhoid Symptoms?

What Are The External Hemorrhoid Symptoms?

By: Miley Richards | Nov 27 2011 | 497 words | 1511 hits

The reason behind the happening of disease hemorrhoids is the surplus pressure on the lower veins of the body. Constipation is considered as the main cause of hemorrhoids. The internal hemorrhoids usually occur in the inner part of the anal canal while external hemorrhoids outside it. To cure external hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids the natural and clinical treatments are there.

Cure external hemorrhoids by following the methods explained below

Preparation H: The external hemorrhoid treatment is an ointment named Preparation H. To get quick relief from the trouble one should go for anesthetics. The ones that end with "caine" on the box are meant for the treatment. With the decrease in these problems hemorrhoids are sure to get low with the usage.The applying of this ointment depends on the extremity of the hemorrhoids.

Corticosteroids: The best treatment of corticosteroid is hydrocortisone. They should shun off alcohol and the intake of caffeine should also be reduced. These are used as emergency relief and these should not be applied every day as a cream.If these creams are used for longer periods the muscles of the vessels become thinner and if applied at the anal sphincter can also make the muscles of it weaker thereon.

An overlook of the external hemorrhoid symptoms is given as following

External hemorrhoidsymptoms are quite different from internal hemorrhoid symptoms. They hardly cause any pain which is just slight and easily bearable. They are also made out by swelling, itching and irritation around the affected area of the body. It forms lump of tissues around the anus. These are spongy in nature. The persistent bowel movements can aggravate the problems. The most common symptom of external hemorrhoids is bleeding during the bowel movements or the marks on the toilet paper. Another external hemorrhoid symptom can be the occurrence of lumps around the anus at the site of action. These lumps can be very painful and disturbing at moments.

Implement the best hemorrhoid treatmentsas given below

Injection Sclerotherapy: It is a common surgical procedure which is carried out on varicose veins. To protect our skin the ointments like zinc oxide or petroleum jellies are used. It is a painless method in which a needle consisting of some solution is injected in the affected vein. The improvement with itching, swelling, irritation and burning sensation is also important. Keep the anal area clean and wash it with the help of anti-bacterial soap and use a clean towel. An ointment consisting just one percent of hydrocortisone can also be applied. You can also apply aloe vera on the anal canal and take the warm water baths with the addition of Epsom salts in it. There is usually no need of care after operations as they are hardly needed. work wonders for the body and in reducing the trouble of the illness. A potential infection may occur sometimes due to the break in the skin. These medications are known to work very well with the problem of hemorrhoids giving quick relief and comfort with the daily life.


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