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HEALTH BEAUTY Factors Influencing Cost of Laser Hair Removal

Factors Influencing Cost of Laser Hair Removal

By: Stella Richard | Oct 3 2012 | 494 words | 2509 hits

Laser techniques for hair removal have grown to become a preferred method to get rid of unwanted facial and body hair. Undergoing this treatment results in getting rid of hair permanently and no longer requires the undergoing of waxing once or twice every month. At the same time laser techniques cost a lot more and this factor needs to be duly taken into consideration.

How much does this treatment cost?

Typically, how much your laser hair removal treatment will cost you depends on a number of factors. It depends on the area that is going to be treated, the number of sessions required to comprehensively conduct the treatment, and the type of laser that will be used. It is imperative that if this treatment is conducted in larger areas such as the back or your legs, it is going to cost a lot more than simply conducting it to get rid of facial hair.

Also, it is usually not possible to get best results in just one sitting, and you may need to come back once or twice every couple of weeks depending on what your expert tells you.

Factors that Influence Cost

Let's discuss some of the factors that impact the cost of this treatment -

1. The type of laser that will be used has a major influence on how much this treatment will cost you. Of the many types of lasers that are available, each one has its own set of unique functionalities and capabilities. The manufacturer or the brand of the laser used also influences the cost at a great extent.

2. Surprisingly enough, even the colour of your skin has a major influence on the cost factor of this treatment. This procedure highly depends on the levels of melanin present in your hair follicles. Since only the dark pigments of the follicle absorb the light, it gets harder to entirely get rid of the hair in cases where the skin contains more melanin. In this situation, your hair removal expert may expect some more sessions.

3. As mentioned before, the part of the body where you choose to undergo the treatment also determines how much this procedure will cost you. There are some parts of the body that grow much stronger and thicker hair as compared to others. The thicker the hair the longer it takes to get rid of.

4. Your hair type and pattern is another factor which has an effect on the cost.

In addition to this, there are other variables such as the location of the clinic, its popularity and the experience of the technicians which influence its cost. It is imperative that you choose to go to a reliable treatment centre which may charge a little extra but gives flawless results rather than choosing someone who is not as experienced or well known in this field and risk reactions and other side-effects that may ruin your skin. Take references from family and friends who have undergone this treatment before you choose your service provider.


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