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HEALTH BEAUTY Important Points to Keep In Mind When Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

Important Points to Keep In Mind When Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

By: Greenwich smartlipo | Nov 7 2012 | 550 words | 1159 hits

This article provides you with some important points to keep in mind when choosing a plastic surgeon. The moment you decide to go for a plastic surgery procedure, you are preparing for consequences that would not only change your appearance but also your life. Indeed, that is why people are advised to go with this option only if they sincerely want to and not because a loved one has forced them into it. So, it is absolutely essential that you get the right physician to do the surgery for you. Finding a suitable expert may require some research end enquiry, but at the end of it all, your efforts are going to reward you.

Selecting the Ideal Plastic Surgeon - Guidelines

Board Certification - This is one of the most important criteria for choosing a particular physician. A physician certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) would have:

• Got his graduate degree from an accredited medical school

• Completed residency training in general surgery and plastic surgery for a combined minimum period of 5 years

• Completed an extensive written and oral examination

Board Certified professionals may additionally have specific hospital privileges that a medical professional with only a medical license would not. If a particular plastic surgeon claims that he is Board Certified from the ABPS, you can always verify this from the ABPS website using the search option.

Skill and Reputation - However weighty an ABPS certification may be, it is a fact that the examination the physician passes to get this certification does not evaluate him/her on the following aspects:

• The surgeon's manual adroitness and artistry

• How good his surgical outcomes are

• How well he gets on with his patients and whether is concern about their issues is genuine

So how do you assess these factors? It is by Googling the physician and reading reviews about him/her. Also, speaking to people who have actually been treated by him and asking them questions makes such evaluation easier.

Expertise in your Particular Procedure - It is not enough to just go to any surgeon. You have to go to one who is an expert in the particular procedure you are considering. Suppose you are interested in Smartlipo liposuction. The physician you choose should be one who performs this cosmetic surgery procedure on a regular basis with excellent results and maximum safety. He should specifically be an expert in using the Smartlipo TriplexTM system with which this procedure is performed.

Bedside Manner and Demeanor - Scheduling initial consultations with various surgeons would help you understand their bedside manner and demeanor. You should be comfortable discussing your goals and concerns with the surgeon. The physician himself should put your interests and safety above everything else. He should be willing to discuss the procedure with you, its risks or side effects, realistic aesthetic results, and recovery and cost.

Photos - Ask the different physicians you are considering to show you "Before" and "After" photos. If you're happy with the results in these photos, that's one point in favor of the physician.

Cost - A cost that is in-between too expensive and too affordable is generally favorable. However, cost should not be a major determinant - the outcome and your safety are more important.
Going by the important points listed here to choose a plastic surgeon would the task less of a challenge.


About author:
Greenwich Smartlipo is a plastic surgery practice providing advanced Smartlipo laser liposuction treatments. Our plastic surgeons provide personalized treatments taking into account the patient’s body type, skin quality, and specific treatment goals.
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