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HEALTH BEAUTY Makeup - Basic Information & How to Apply on Makeup!

Makeup - Basic Information & How to Apply on Makeup!

By: Ricky Gill | May 29 2010 | 423 words | 2302 hits

Makeup is a good way to add on to a girl looks. However, some girls think that makeup is vital for a girl to look and feel great. But in my opinion I think not, as each and every girl is beauteous but just needs a little dab of effort to make them look great! In this article, I will give you key information on makeup.

Makeup, in not just for females but it is for males as well, if you didn't know already. There are many types of makeup for each section of you face and many ways to apply it on. Such as:

Foundation- the thing with foundation is that girl's think that apply on more is good but in fact apply less is more appealing. What you should to do found out what colour foundation you should apply on is you should apply it on your wrists.

Eyeliner- I wear loads as it makes my eyes stand out, even though I have small eyes. But keep in mind if you have big eyes wear less.

Eyebrow pencil- Don't overdo it! Keep in mind that it makes your face look dark if you wear too much.

Mascara- wear it girl! Make them look long and lengthy.

Eye shadow- To choose the eye shadow you should match with your clothes and your skin tone. Make sure that if doesn't make you look like a clown.

Blusher- There is many blushers if you didn't already know. I wear pink as I am really fare skinned.

Lip liner &Lipstick- I think you should apply on your lipstick first and then your lip liner and it will keep your lipstick on the lips.

Lip gloss- Wear shinny as it makes your lips look desirable!

Some individuals just need a little bit of makeup just to make them look perfect. Some need a little bit of more. But keep in mind that there is a thing called 'over doing it'. This means that you shouldn't apply on too much makeup as it makes others think that you desperately need and require makeup, when in fact you don't.

The most important thing you should know about makeup is that you need to find out if you are allergic to any of the items as it might swell up your face. What you should do from this happening is that you should apply it on your wrists and see if you feel any different.

I hope this article has helped you with the key information you need to know about makeup. Good Luck!

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