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HEALTH BEAUTY New And Redefined Skin Care Solution Perfected By Clarisonic

New And Redefined Skin Care Solution Perfected By Clarisonic

By: dyna hadden | Jun 11 2013 | 422 words | 1140 hits

Whenever you need an efficient skin cleaning and care solution, you normally go to a beauty parlor and spend heavily on expensive skin care treatments. Most of such treatments have temporary results. As a result, you need to spend regularly in order to take good care for your skin. You should try sonic cleansing system for optimum skin care and make-up removal. It is a do-it-yourself skin care system that effectively removes dirt, makeup and oil from your skin pores with the help of micro massage maneuvers. The Clarisonic cleansing brush helps your skin in many ways. You can remove your makeup 6 times better than manual cleansing.

The benefits offered by sonic cleansing system

Sonic cleansing and skin care solutions have revolutionized the way you think about skin cleansing. The brush can works effectively with 300 plus movements every second. The result is a cleaner, softer and gentle skin tone that you wish to sport in order to look beautiful. The Clarisonic brush can effectively clean off all the skin impurities resulted from makeup. You should give you skin a chance to breath freely. Skin needs oxygen and makeup usually blocks your skin pores and it is suffocating for your skin. The sonic cleansing system effectively reduces skin patches, oily regions and blemishes and makes your skin look healthy and bright.

The usage directions

Sonic skin cleansing brushes work gently on your skin while removing all types of skin impurities within a minute. The process is very simple. You have to follow only three steps to get a cleaner, softer and smoother looking skin. First, you need to charge the brush handle in the charging dock that comes inclusively with the package. After sufficient charging, apply water on your skin and put cleanser on the brush head. Now, switch on the brush and apply it on your skin. You need to use is in circular motion. Apply the brush for 20 seconds each on your forehead and nose, and 10 seconds each on your cheeks.

Additional features

Sonic cleansing system is safe for any skin types. You can take expert recommendation from your dermatologist about using Clarisonic Mia as your skin cleansing partner. This is a certified skin care product that is recommended by professional dermatologists and aestheticians worldwide. You can use sonic cleansing brush on your neck and other gentle skin parts that require regular cleaning. You need to use the brush twice a day to get the best results. The brush is waterproof and you can use the brush in tub or shower while bathing.

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