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HEALTH BEAUTY Skincare tips to beat the summer

Skincare tips to beat the summer

By: La Femme | May 23 2013 | 384 words | 1043 hits

Five natural skin care tips to beat the summer

Exfoliate Exfoliate, and do it more often in the summertime. More than the rest of the year, during summer there is an acceleration of dead skin cell build up. If you do not get rid of them, your skin will look boring and dry. No matter how much lotion or anything else you use, you won’t have radiant skin if you do not exfoliate. Wish a light scrub for your face and body. Or make one at home using some oats and milk or gram flour and yogurt.

Stay hydrated All the heat and sweating can leave your body dried and your skin dry. So drinking water and liquids at regular durations becomes a must for soft, hydrated skin. It’s best to stick to the water, green tea and mindset, buttermilk and grape the water and the kind. Keep away from oxygenated drinks, they only do further harm to your skin.

Sun protection Try and stay indoors between peak sun time between 11 am and 3pm. As well, do not ever step out without a nice application of your sunscreen. Use of a sunscreen with SPF 30 ideally with a moisturizer is strongly recommended to protect harm from the harsh sun during summer time.” In addition, cover your head, wear sunglasses… they matter.

Cool your body Summer is season for heat boils and further such notorious skin conditions. A lot of the time, this has to do with body warm. Stock up on natural coolants like tender coconut water, buttermilk, or even barley water to help bring down the warm within your body. And you’ll watch those heat boils disappear. You can also take organic hair spa treatment and get relaxation in summer season.

Want to remove tan? These might help: Make a paste of one almond, 5 drops of lemon and a tsp of milk. Apply on face and leave it on instantaneously and wash with the hot water the next morning. This helps yet complexion and will give you a healthy summer month’s glow! You could also try grape dairy products. Leave this too on all night. If you large often, then rub on tomato juice all over your experience and keep for ten minutes. Do this a few times during the week to get rid of tan.

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