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HEALTH DENTAL Align Your Teeth with Help from Your Orthodontist

Align Your Teeth with Help from Your Orthodontist

By: quinlanmurray | Dec 15 2009 | 415 words | 1279 hits

Orthodontists are becoming very popular gradually with the advent of newer tools and better technology. These upgraded technology and tools have helped them immensely to provide better services and bring a smile on their patients' faces. If you are wondering what Orthodontist means, it simply means a tooth doctor or a specialist who corrects various teeth related problems. These problems may be related to the alignment of teeth or a disproportionate jaw. A good smile is coveted by all but not everybody is born with it. Some may have become accustomed to their badly aligned teeth and the embarrassment that comes from it, but those who are looking for a solution may visit the dentist to get it corrected.


Earlier dentists used metal braces to solve this problem, but now transparent aligners are available to set these crooked teeth straight. These transparent aligners can be worn without any embarrassment unlike the metal braces and hence patients don't mind wearing them for a long period of time. Made from a strong yet transparent material these aligners give patients the confidence to go out without being embarrassed about anyone noticing it. The other benefit of these aligners is that they are not harsh on the gums unlike the metal braces which made the gums bleed at times. They are also removable which allows the wearer to eat, drink, or brush their teeth without any problems.

If you are looking for orthodontists, Scottsdale might be a very good option, since it has a reputation for providing quality service. Your doctor will first examine the condition of your teeth and gums and check your dental medical history. After that he will suggest what kind of aligners would be suitable to shape up your teeth and give your face a natural look. He will also digitally photograph your teeth and design a three dimensional model for your teeth. All patients have aligners which are custom made for them and suit them perfectly. Since this is a gradual process, the first set of aligners will be worn for a minimum of two weeks. In these two weeks your teeth will have changed its shape so the dentist will again examine your teeth and design a new set of aligners to suit it.

There are many advantages of going in for a teeth straightening procedure. It improves your appearance dramatically and gives you the freedom to smile without any worries. Just be careful that you select a suitable and reputed clinicthat will offer you good service.

About author:
At Arizona cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Stephan Abedi, DDS provides quality dental care services in a caring and comfortable environment.
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