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HEALTH DENTAL Be Careful With What You Bring Home

Be Careful With What You Bring Home

By: Beatrice Swanson | Jan 28 2009 | 436 words | 1904 hits

The business of over-the-counter whitening boomed with skyrocketing sales tipping the $1.5 B-mark in 2006. These products-in the form of strips, trays, mouthwashes, chewing gums, and toothpastes- have hit the jackpot with a willing and able segment of the market turning it big bucks in sales. What has previously seen as an obscure and dormant product by dentists in los angeles became an overnight sensation for those craving for pearly white teeth and bright smiles.

There may be a wide range of reasons why the market segment has responded strongly to these products, and indications point to a trend that itis not expected to slacken in the near future.

The affordability of at-home whitening treatments of dentists in los angeles has been one of the upside of this burgeoning business. This price tag magnet has turned in a lot of first time users, those who would not have tried otherwise, if not for its tempting offer. However, the product also has its downside. While the majority of take-home orange county tooth whitening treatments are generally considered to be safe and, if used properly, effective; there are still some that are not free from risks of complications and side effects. Recent studies by dentists in los angeles have documented cases of risks and complications ranging from temporary and minor, to irreversible and severe. However, most of these complications of orange county tooth whitening point to improper application and failure to follow instructions. There are also a few isolated cases of side effects despite proper use of this los angeles teeth whitening treatment.

The most common problem reported by users of at-home orange county tooth whitening treatments is increased sensitivity. The hypersensitivity of the teeth can be triggered by the variations in temperature. Warm foods and beverages can feel extremely hot while cooler foodstuffs can feel incredibly cold. Even the foods and drinks with moderate temperature can cause extreme discomfort, making eating and drinking an extremely painful experience. Another documented side effect of the products is gum irritation. This is due to the high concentration of carbamide peroxide that causes irritation of the gum. The plastic trays that come with at-home los angeles teeth whitening treatments can also lead to irritation, as they are often left in overnight, rubbing up against and applying pressure to the gum tissue.

The obvious and manifest complications of these los angeles teeth whitening treatments by dentists in los angeles are actually due to the unregulated and unsupervised use of such treatment by most of its users. Some of them become obsessive and chronic bleachers. However, this attitude leads to more serious complication leading to blotchy, discolored results.

About author:
Beatrice Swanson is a Professor in North Carolina and writes during her free time. She has a keen interest on health and beauty-related issues, and is dismayed by the unethical hype and disinformation in the business.
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